Poll: Do You Still Go to the Beauty Salon?

Poll: Do You Still Go to the Beauty Salon?


While it is quite obvious that I am longing 4 length, more than long hair I want BEAUTIFUL hair!  Full, shiny, bouncy, polished hair that looks like it belongs on a hair advertisement.  Whenever one of my good friends and I discuss hair (I love having a friend who is also on a HHJ), we always agree that while we don’t mind doing our own hair, especially to save time and money, nothing beats a fresh salon ‘do!  I know it is quite popular for healthy hair journeyers to avoid salons like the plague and I hate to be a rebel but I will never completely give up my salon visits.

Now, it is with good reason that many women have stopped patronizing beauty salons.  For many of us, myself included, a disastrous salon visit is what sparked beginning our official healthy hair journeys.  Relaxer burns, trims turned into cuts, being overcharged, kept waiting for hours and even worse yet stood up, receiving bad advice…the list could go on and on as to the reasons we began doing our own hair.  Trust me, I understand.  However, as great as I am at doing my hair at home – I love the polished look of a fresh trim or salon style.  For me, nothing beats visiting a knowledgeable hair professional – I canNOT achieve the same level at home.

But I have learned from perusing my favorite hair blogs and forums, that many of you have sworn off visiting salons.  You have taken the tasks “professional services” into your own hands and do your own trims, relaxers, coloring services among other things.  And many of you are happier this way and have no intention of going back to the salon.  I don’t knock it, but that will most likely never be me.  As hard as they are to find, a good hair care professional is worth their weight in gold!

So…tell me do you still visit the salon?

  • I just posted a blog post on my blog Monday explaining why I still go to the Hair salon even though I’m on a healthy hair journey! I love my stylist and don’t see myself ever giving up my monthly salon visits completely. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do the hard work and leave looking like a million bucks!

    • I read your post! (from my phone which is why I didn’t comment) and I completely agree!

  • S.O.S Hair

    I have nothing against salons. If you have a stylist that nurtures your hair just like you would at home then you are a lucky chica! Personally, I really love DIY-ing my hair. Knowing that the results that I’ve seen are solely because of my patience, love, and care makes me feel amazeballs!


    • That’s true, I guess that’s like some people who love cooking completely from scratch. Makes sense to me!

  • Candace

    I still go to the salon. Mainly because I am not comfortable with applying relaxers myself and I don’t like flat ironfing my hair myself because it’s too much work. Although I do have my regular stylist I’ll be visiting the Huetiful Hair Salon in Chicago just to see how they are.

    • Interesting, let me know what you think of that salon. I think Chicago has some awesome salons, I can always get my hair done when I’m there.

  • Li

    I never go to salongs. Mainly because it is so expensive and i dont need it

    Only sometimes, for a wedding or something formal, i might go and get a fancy braiding. But thats all.

    • Interesting, I won’t pay an arm and a leg because I can’t afford it right now but when I can, I don’t think I’ll mind if the service is exemplary. I really do like going to the shop! lol

  • Shawnie

    I just went to the salon for relaxer touch up this past weekend. I was fortunate to reconnect with an old trusted beautician and I am so very pleased with the results. My hair has become a little too much for me to handle on relaxer day so I will be making a trip to her for my touch ups.

  • NancyM

    I haven’t been to a hair salon since I started transitioning to natural in 2011. Now that I’m fully natural, I wouldn’t mind going to a salon that caters to natural hair, but I haven’t found one yet. My daughter is relaxed and I do her hair at home as well.

  • Tumi _ SouthAfrica

    I just go for trims and sew-ins. That’s because I had mean beauticians. One made me buy a lot of hair u necessarily. The other told me the previous style my hair looked like a pot score. I love doing my hair, washing and deep conditioning and all. After going natural I went to get a trim and a disaster happened. So I’m just going to do my own hair and have my fiance trim me( some I should have done long ago). Thanks for the great blog and I learnt a lot from you.

  • Me

    I go to Super Cuts for trims. I think I’m over going to an actual hairdresser. Now that I know so much about my hair, I don’t trust anyone else in my head.

  • blutifulblaq

    Honestly I usually go when my BF has hints that he is tired of seeing me wear a bun. I do plan to visit a salon to get my sew-in for my wedding. I don’t think I’d ever completly cut out the salon because I like the luxery of having someone else tame this unruly mane.

  • From Mrs. to Mom

    Despite not having the “time” to do my own hair I am with everyone who thinks there is something about salon done hair that presents differently. I wish I could put my finger on exactly what the difference is!