Economical & Space Saving Dryer Recommendations

Economical & Space Saving Dryer Recommendations

Women sitting under the dryer at the Saks Fifth Avenue Salon in NYC
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While I was visiting in NJ, I had a chance to use the dryer I purchased for my mother two years ago.  My mother relies on the hairdresser or wigs it, so she really doesn’t have a “need” for a hard bonnet dryer, but I do when visiting, shucks! Anyway, I remember doing quite a bit of research before buying this one for her – and it certainly paid off!  I was so impressed with the dryer, I figured I needed to share with you.  I am super excited about my new dryer (which I have received) but I realize everyone doesn’t want to invest $170 or even have the room to store such a large monstrosity of a dryer! lol.  So here are a couple of recommendations for less expensive, but still effective dryers:

  • Pebco Protools Hard Bonnet Dryer (2000 Watts):  This is the dryer I bought my mom.  I swear as soon as I turned it on I literally said “Wow” out loud.  The motor is different than the “traditional” Gold N’ Hot, Conair, and Lazy Dazy dryers of old – its bigger and seems stronger.  The air actually pushes out of the holes onto your hair; With my old GnH it just seemed to warm up the hood area without really blowing onto my hair which made it less effective.  The hood is very large, so I imagine you will be able to dry flexirod and large rollersets comfortably.  I didn’t realize it was also a Pebco 2000 watt dryer until I looked (after all I bought it quite some time ago), and I swear if I had this one at MY apartment, I probably wouldn’t have bought the new stand dryer.  Of course I will like the design and the fact that its standing more – but I’m sure this one would have done the job.  It can be purchased on e-bay for $57.90 plus free shipping.  A far cry from the price of their standing version, and literally hundreds less than the Pibbs version.
  • Gold n’ Hot Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer:  This is for the especially space-challenged and those who travel often.  I have never owned this version, but the reviews are pretty positive and I recently saw a video from SistaWithRealHair whose dryer recently broke after like 13 years of use! Now that is a testimonial right there!  It retails for $39.99 at Sally’s with your beauty club card, and we all know that Sally’s usually has a good coupon available too!
  • Pebco Protools Professional Stand Dryer:  If the model I purchased is a little too pricey for you at this time, but you do have a little extra to splurge, Pebco does have a less large standing dryer model that still has a whopping 1875 watts of power.  As I told you – the most important thing that makes a dryer effective for MY hair is the wattage.  It can be the same exact design but have only 800-1000 watts of power and I’m afraid it won’t do the job.  So for the price tag of $99.99 I think this is a good option.

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list – and I wish I could recommend more.  But I was researching a new dryer for three years before deciding on the one I want.  I just didn’t feel many of the table top versions were quality, especially with many of them not being so economical anymore!  There are plenty out there that “will get the job done” but if you are like me, you don’t want to have to buy a $40-50 table top every year because they keep breaking OR end up wishing you’d gotten a better model because your hair takes 2+ hours to dry.  That’s no fun at all.  If you have one you’d like to recommend, leave it in the comments below.  Good luck and happy rollersetting!

  • Deb

    I got soo excited when I saw the post! Thanks for this. I am actually planning on buying the GnH Ionic dryer when I get my check this weekend.

  • Thanks. I’m getting ready to purchase one and I’m so indecisive. I want to get a good one that dries fast!!! Having a soon to be 1 year old and being in my last semester of school limits my time!! Helpful post but now it just adds to the list. LOL.

  • I am currently satisfied with my GoldnHot Ionic table top dryer. I am saving up to purchase a Pibbs. I’ve been wanting a Pibbs for a long time. I will reward myself with this splurge once I reach my halfway goal of BSL. Maybe I can convince my hubby that my then-longer hair needs a more effiecient dryer. We’ll see. Great list, I need to look into these dryers.

  • BHI

    Is there another brand that’s as good as a pibbs do you think?

  • @BHI The Pebco standing dryer I purchased is the “generic” Pibbs dryer. It is very similar in design to the Kwik Dry 514; review will be posted soon, although I’ve never used a pibb to be able to compare – so far I’m extremely happy with my purchase!

  • BHI

    Looking forward to the review. I’ve heard that a pibbs can get your hair dry in 40 or so minutes so if it comes close then it’s worth it. Mind you, even the hour mark would be ok. Mine takes about 1.5 hours of hell!

  • I guess you can tell how much researching I’ve done. I think I’ve only heard of Pebbco from you. I look forward to your review.

  • Just came across your blog, its very cool & super helpful! thanks for sharing your ideas & research!