ECP Goes Blonde! Eva Wigs Full Lace Unit

Blonde Bob Cut - Longing 4 Length

Hola ladies!  With the huge popularity of the blonde bob, I’ve been teasing about possibly going blonde for the summer for months.  Well…here is my chance.  After seeing this full lace unit from Eva Wigs and immediately envisioned myself recreating Ashanti’s Braveheart promotional look she’s been rocking lately or Ciara’s edgy bob from 2013.  Either way, I first wanted to try the unit on, get a feel for which way I wanted to go and of course get your opinions.  Most of the celebs with beautiful blonde looks are within my skin color family so I *thought* I could do it too…

Well, as I said in the video, this is just the initial look, I definitely plan to have the unit cut into a more flattering shape with layers for fullness and body.  Also, I think my extremely dark eyebrows throws it off, yes?  I’m not committed enough to blonde to lighten my brows anytime soon, but perhaps a pencil or brow gel can give them a temporary lift?

Eva Wigs Blonde Lace Wig - Longing 4 Length

I asked a few friends for their honest opinions and they all said “Hmmm…I don’t think it looks bad.”  Which to me means it doesn’t necessarily look good!  I’m even on the fence about it, as my friends said its not bad per se, but I’m not loving it either.  It could be the brows.  So anyway, I’ll have it cut, style it a bit better and revisit the look.  I may even add a toner to darken it slightly, or maybe just remove the light colored wig cap to darken the roots a bit?  I’m not sure.  Or maybe it looks good and I’m just not used to seeing myself with blonde hair?  Whatcha think?  Is it the blonde, the brows, the lack of a good cut or what?

Eva Wigs Blonde Lace Wig - Longing 4 Length2

ECP goes blonde, yay or nay?

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  • Eat.Style.Play

    I like both colors but I like the black. I think if it was cut shorter or styled differently it would be cool as well! Either way, it’s sill a great unit.

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Thanks! I’m going to try to tweak it a bit and re-visit. I am partial to black too actually.

  • Lam

    I think the dark makes all your features pop and looks really luxurious.
    The blonde I think would be nicer with a shorter cut and darker roots
    (like the ones at the top). Also, darker roots would mean that your
    eyebrows wouldn’t stand out as much.

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Agreed! I’m going to tweak it a bit and come back in a few months to see what everyone thinks.

  • Keanau Renee

    I may not be the most objective person to give an opinion since I love color but I think it looks good on you the thing with blonde is that you have to start out a Lil darker then gradually go lighter to fully appreciate how good u look as a blonde lol. it’s a transition thing even started out darker more brown version of blonde…so in essence I look fwd to seeing u as a blonde

    • EbonyCPrincess

      LOL Thanks for such an insightful comment! I’m going to try to darken the roots a bit which I think will make it look a little more natural, cut it and come back to see what everyone thinks!

  • Tomes Edition

    To be honest the blonde doesn’t look natural on you but the black is gorgeous on you!

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Thanks for the honest feedback, I appreciate it! :-)

  • Alma

    I’m usually a fan of your weaves/wigs but blonde? Naw. Love you girl but no. lol

    • EbonyCPrincess

      HAHAHAHAHA! Love the honesty Alma! :-*

  • S.O.S Hair

    The dark look is amazing on you! But I’m bias—I love dark hair!

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Me too…this is the first time I’ve ever gone with a different color. The most I’ve ever done is subtle light brown highlights! lol

  • Courtnea2001

    I’m with your friends…it doesn’t look bad…Perhaps an ombre blonde would work better. I think having the darker roots and then transitioning into the blonde would work and give you the best of both worlds! Either way I know you’ll rock it beautifully!

    • EbonyCPrincess

      I think you’re right. Its just something about it that doesn’t “quite” work but its not the worst I’ve seen either…thanks for the honest advice!

  • Britt @ One&20

    I agree with Courtnea. I think an ombre would look really, really good!

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Thanks, I am gonna try to darken the roots a bit…I have to agree.

  • Leisa

    I think change is good, in the summer months with bronzed skin….I think its hot!

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Thanks, you’re giving me the courage to try it again!

  • Robyn

    I think it looks cute. Ombre would suit you better though taking your brows into consideration. Also, I think that you would have to adjust how you apply your make up a little to really pull off the blonde with aplomb.

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Good advice! I’m going to tweak it a bit and come back in a few months to see what everyone thinks.

  • blutifulblaq

    I’m not loving it. I don’t know what it is, but something is not all the way there. I think it may be the dark brows.

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Yeah, I think that threw me off too…but I am gonna try it again and see if I can’t “fix” it. lol

  • Tracey Simhair-Simnails

    I think it will look great with the roots darkened and faded from 1b to dark blonde through to the current lighter blonde at the ends. I think that will really suit you – you have the right skintone for blonde hair. If you change your makeup and switch to a lighter brow pencil this will look amazing!!!

    I’m all for the lighter units for the summer months, I have my eye on a couple and plan to purchase one next month. :)

    • EbonyCPrincess

      I agree with all your suggestions thank you. I am definitely going to try to tweak it!

  • ExpatMom

    I think the blonde is more of a fun look, but given your profession and the circles you run in, I see you with dark hair, which is much more conservative. But, I’m an old lady about things like this and never, ever step out of my comfort zone, so take it for what its’ worth. I love you with some 1B hair, but I can understand your wanting to shake things up for the summer.

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Agreed, and this is WAY outside my comfort zone. But I’ll admit to loving it on other women in my same color family…so I’ll try to tweak it and keep it as a “party” wig. LOL! Thanks for your feedback!