Fashion: Another Wedding, but this time as a guest!

Fashion: Another Wedding, but this time as a guest!

A fellow church member got married today and I was pleasantly surprised to  even be invited!  Not that we aren’t friendly, but she is slightly older than I and we haven’t worked together directly since I’ve been a member here.  However, I was all too happy to witness her union as her and her husband’s story is a quite unique one.  They were high school sweethearts who both “grew up” and married other people, had children (and even grandchildren!) and ended up divorced – but are now back together!!!  I love a happy ending and I am definitely a romantic at heart, so it was quite enjoyable and they both looked just so happy and in love!
I decided to wear my new BCBGeneration skirt I picked up at Dillard’s during the end-of-season sale (of course).  It is super long with a side slit and gives off an animal print vibe, but its actually just a pattern of nude tan and black.  It cost a little more than I pay for a lot of my clothing, but for a designer skirt that can be worn in any season – it was totally worth it.  It was 50% off (orig price $118) so it wasn’t astronomical by any means, they still have some available so I provided the link for those who may be interested. The top is from Express, also purchased on sale, specifically bought to be worn with this skirt.  $19.99 + add’l 30% = $13.99
 I fell in love with the way everything fit.  I went into the dressing room with this skirt and was initially thinking “it’s okay but is it worth $60?!” and after I tried it on, I was like yesssssss!  In Express, I was specifically looking for a tube top and did NOT see this one at all.  The sales person asked if I needed help and instead of giving the normal “No thank you, I’m fine” response, I actually explained what I was looking for.  He went straight to this top and suggested I try it on with the skirt.  How much more perfect could it have been?  And the price was definitely right!
I had every intention of rollersetting my hair last night…but didn’t.  I just did NOT have the energy!  It takes me about 30 minutes minimally to set my hair and then hours for it to dry and although the results are usually worth it…I decided to watch Do the Right Thing on Netflix and go to bed instead.  *shrug*
So today I decided to slap on my Sabina half wig by Outre.  This is a new one in color #2.  Glamorous enough for a wedding, and easy enough to do at the last minute.  Win win situation!  LOL!
I love how everything is not body hugging but still shows my shape at the same time.  The draping of the top, the subtle ‘A’ line of the skirt…it just is so flattering!  I felt like I’d lost 10 lbs!  I would’ve done a different shoe, but much like my hair…I didn’t get around to doing my pedi last night so I had to go with a closed toe pump.  Next time, I will definitely have my shoe game on point though! 
These long antique gold colored earrings are a definite favorite!  
You may remember seeing them from my Florida vacation photos.  Oh, and did you note the fall lip color I’m wearing?  Its a new shade from MAC’s pro longwear lip colors – a definite favorite for the season.
As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!  Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!
  • Girl! That half wig looks like your own hair! I was alllll ready to jump on this comment section like, DANG GIRL WHEN’D YOU BECOME MBL!

  • Lady you look absolutely GORGEOUS!! Your hair is beautiful

    <3 Marina

  • Love the whole look!

  • I love the look! Very pretty. I really like that skirt!

  • Beautiful look!

  • Sabina for the win. Nice pics and hope you’re having a great weekend as well 🙂

  • You look soooo pretty! I love your outfit, especially the long earrings paired with the tube top. It’s the perfect pairing in my style book ;-). Your hair looks AWESOME!!!

  • that wig looks too natural! love it

  • I love the whole outfit and the hair!

  • Loved the outfit!! And the makeup! Very sophisticated!

  • Luv the outfit and luv the sale prices!! You look tooo pretty.

    I am definitely a fan of MAC lipstick rather than the gloss. I don’t wear any of their other products but ALL my lipstick is MAC. I usually stick to my fav colors but I’ll def check out the new shades!