Summer Style with Maxi Dresses

Let me start by first introducing myself, my name is Shea and I am so happy to be the fashion contributor for L4L.  I am so excited to collaborate with Ebony and interact with all of the L4L readers.   For my first post, I decided to put together a summer style post featuring a few of my favorite maxi dress outfits to show just how fun and versatile they are. Maxi dresses are always at the top of my summer fashion list because they are comfy, … [Read more...]

10 Cheap & Cheerful Online Fashion Boutiques!

10 Cheap Trendy Online Fashion Boutiques - Longing 4 Length

As an avid Wendy Williams fan, I decided to borrow one of her favorite phrases "cheap and cheerful" to describe the type of fashion stores that I patronize when I'm looking for clothing that is super trendy or youthful, and that I know I will not necessarily get a lot of wear.  Yes, I will scavage the sale racks at Nordstrom for a good Tracy Reese dress (one of my favorite designers) but for things like crop tops, platform sneakers, or graphic … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: Sexy Swim Suit Shopping

Fitness Friday Badge (1)

I shared last week that one of my major goals is to wear sexy swim suits all summer and I mean that! So to put my plan in motion  this week I virtually shopped for some of the suits I envision myself wearing.  I must this is so much more fun when you are (or in my case working towards being) at your physical best!  Anyway, though I want to be sexy I also don't want a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, so covered but cute is my goal. So, with … [Read more...]

Chic Chick: What to Wear to a Holiday Party for Work

what to wear to a holiday party

Finally I'm back with the Chic Chic segments!  It seems a lot of you actually enjoyed my fashion recommendations and missed this feature when I stopped posting.  For those who began following L4L since that time, Chic Chick gives my take on what to wear to various occasions - including hairstyles.  I'm definitely a planner so as soon as I am made aware of an event, I begin thinking of what I am going to wear, how I will accessorize and of … [Read more...]

Fashion Fix: Retail Clothes at Outlet Prices

I don't know about you ladies, but I love a good shopping excursion that does not require me to leave the comfort of home.  For years, I have patronized clothing catalogs and online retailers and you already know I rarely pay full price for anything so finding a site that combines both is a double win!  Ultimate Outlet is an online retailer that sells clothing from two of my favorite shops - Newport News and Spiegel (my mom used to live for … [Read more...]

Firmoo Review: Trendy & Cheap Prescription Glasses

Firmoo Review

Today's post is not hair related at all but something I think will be beneficial to you nonetheless!  As you may have noted, I wear corrective lenses and have been wearing glasses more often lately.  I own several frames in different colors and styles so there is always a pair available to match my outfit or mood.  In addition, I must keep a pair in the car just in case while out something happens to one of my contact lenses - I absolutely … [Read more...]

Still Trending: Monochromatic (Black & White)


During the beginning of the fall season one of the most popular trends was monochromatic looks.  monochromatic trends are still in full force, no wonder it is considered a timeless trend.  Lately I have been seeing monochromatic looks everywhere from magazine ads and red carpet looks.  BeBe is incorporating this trend in their spring 2013 collection.  They offer work wear,  casual weekend and party pieces.  These are definitely pieces … [Read more...]

Shoe Dazzle Black Friday Buys!

Shoe Dazzle

I posted a video a while back about my purchases from Shoe Dazzle and explained how much I love this service.  Shoe Dazzle was the very first subscription service I ever signed up for but, although I loved the selection, I was extremely hesitant to purchase anything because of the recurring $39.95 monthly fee (I knew I'd never remember to opt out the months I did not want to buy anything).  However, a deal became available from Groupon (a … [Read more...]