Chic Chick: What to Wear to a Holiday Party for Work

what to wear to a holiday party

Finally I'm back with the Chic Chic segments!  It seems a lot of you actually enjoyed my fashion recommendations and missed this feature when I stopped posting.  For those who began following L4L since that time, Chic Chick gives my take on what to wear to various occasions - including hairstyles.  I'm definitely a planner so as soon as I am made aware of an event, I begin thinking of what I am going to wear, how I will accessorize and of … [Read more...]

Chic Chick: What to Wear to Meet HIS Parents

With the holidays rapidly approaching you may be celebrating with your boo and possibly meeting his family for the first time.  I know from past experience that deciding what to wear can be difficult and even stressful if you are type-A like me!  Again, basing my suggestions on my own experiences, you can easily end up overdressed in your efforts to look good which may cause you to feel uncomfortable.  You want to make a good impression, feel … [Read more...]

Chic Chick: What to Wear to the Airport

The holidays are approaching and I for one used to always look a complete hot mess at the airport.  I'll admit it.  I was always rushing because I was due to fly out immediately after final exams and if I've never told you this - I'm messy.  Around exam time that get amplified.  So I'd have to rush home, throw some stuff in a bag, do laundry (at times I have been known to take my dirty clothes home and wash them there - trifling, I know), get … [Read more...]

Chic Chick: What to Wear for Homecoming

We are entering into homecoming season and while my alma mater does not have a large celebration, I've always envied those that attend(ed) schools that have festive homecoming activities.  In fact there are a few HBCU's in my current city and I certainly have enjoyed my share of fun since living here.  Now, if you are going to the football game, parade or even a step show, you want to be casual but cute of course!  You may run into former … [Read more...]

Chic Chick: What to Wear to Your Baby Shower

Well, I do not have any children and therefore have never had a baby shower.  But, I can empathize with wanting to look super cute for the occasion, after all you are the center of attention and will have tons of photos to see for years to come!  Personally, I would want to look great but be comfortable.  Here are my suggestions on what to wear to your baby shower: Dresses:  Putting one garment on is easy and cool, plus you do want to … [Read more...]

L4L Chic Chick

I will be introducing a new segment called Chic Chick to Longing 4 Length.  Whenever you have an event to attend, I know the first thought is "What am I going to wear?!"  Right after you figure out the perfect outfit, the second thought is usually "What am I going to do to my hair?" Tell me I'm wrong!  Well, even if I am - that's how it normally goes in MY head! So, each month, I'll be displaying a different style inspiration, complete with … [Read more...]