Fitness First, Hair Second.

Fitness First, Hair Second.

Yes, I actually wear a swimming cap at the pool.
Yes, I actually wear a swimming cap at the pool.

I have felt downright BUMMY this summer…and trust these three months are usually MY time to stunt a lil bit!  I freakin love the heat of summer, but since exercising so vigorously multiple times per week it has been impossible to keep my hair styled.  As I’ve said, I play tennis about four, sometimes five times per week for a 2.5 hour minimum.  That is a huge time commitment (12+ hours per week), plus the time it takes to drive to and from the location.  I love the sport, love the number of calories it burns, and enjoy the camaraderie shared on the courts…but as a black woman, it is hard to stay cute with this schedule!  Most times, I’m sans makeup, wigless and bunned.  BLAHHHHHHH!

You may remember I was already contemplating doing a personal “hide my hair” challenge til the end of the year but my current lifestyle makes this less of a choice and more of a necessity.  I was washing and conditioning my hair twice per week and with all of my new growth, my styles were bummy braids or buns (with or without a wig).  So, I have decided I am going to hide my hair in protective styles until my weight loss goal has been met.  If I were only working out in my home, I would just return to my wig regimen but who wants to wear a half wig while running around the tennis court in 90 degree heat?!?!  Not me!  First of all, synthetic wigs are not made for all of that.  Secondly, the combs would shift and move causing breakage along my nape and front hair line.  I need something a bit more secure!

So, to those who miss my rollersets, flexirod ‘dos, stylish buns and creative updos – just know that I do too!  I could relax my hair more frequently to keep the new growth manageable and use heat often, but ya’ll should know me well enough by now to know that I’m never sacrificing hair health for anything.  Therefore, I’m gonna do a few weaves but also I’m thinking about box braids, cornrows, Senagelese twists and other long term protective styles til I drop this weight and reach my hair length goals.  I apologize in advance for the lack of MY hair you’ll be seeing over the next few months, but as you probably already know I’ll be sharing my regimens for each protective style I wear.  In addition, I always allow my hair time to “rest” between long-term protective styles so I’ll be able to update you on my progress during those times.

Also, all my Instagrammers (follow me @EbonyCPrincess) have seen my current install…which I am so in love with!  It has been less than a week but already I couldn’t be happier with my decision! I’ve played tennis twice and swam since having my weave done and all I’ve had to do is co-wash and go!  Thank ya Jesus for the invention of weave!

  • Lisa

    I think swimming cap is the best solutuion when swimming in a public pool. It is more hygenic for everybody. I dont think soaking your hair in a lot of condition and oils is a good idea. All this would come out in the water. If it is your own pool do what you want but imagine all the oil and stuff floating around if everybody did that.

    You solutuion is the most hygenic for everybody and very stylish!

  • My work out is at a stand still during the week but weekends, I try to jump robe. My hair has taken a back seat because I need to reach my goal by the end of this year.

  • Hi there! I totally agree with you and you even inspired a blog post! I included a link to this post, I hope it’s alright with you! If not, please let me know! 🙂

    Good luck on your goals!!

  • Good Luck on all of your goals!!

  • LaQT/ Ty

    Good for you. Wow, that’s a lot of tennis. So proud of you. I wear a scarf covered by a baseball cap when I work out. Sure it’s not cute, but it works. I have been wiggin’ it for 7mos. I do not and will not wear my wig to work out. I’m done with wiggin’ it for now. I think I’m going to get braids and the like from here on out or protective style with my own hair.