Fitness Friday: A Rare Progress Picture

Fitness Friday: A Rare Progress Picture


I haven’t updated on my personal weight loss journey in a while, mainly because I’ve been stalling at the same weight for the last two months.  This is not at all a plateau, I simply have been off my game and a bit unfocused truthfully.  I realize I could be a lot further along had I truly pushed myself and was a bit disappointed in myself as 2013 comes to a close.  However, I was getting dressed the other morning in an outfit that began with black leggings and a camisole and as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror – I realized the changes in my body.  I was proud of my reflection and decided to take a rare “body” photo…

30 lb weight loss progress picture - Longing 4 Length

On the left is a picture taken by my cousin last year.  I remember being shocked and appalled at my reflection and quickly dismissed it as a terrible angle and outfit choice.  Was I in complete denial?  No.  Did I want to admit – even to myself – that my weight had ballooned out of control?  No.  I’m sad that it took me an entire year after that photo to actually take action, but the important thing is that I did finally get going.  I still have a ways to go until I reach my goal and a lot of toning and firming to do, but if I may have just a small moment of vanity I’ll admit how proud I am of the progress I’ve made thus far.  I’ve lost 30 lbs total from my heaviest weight and I am going to keep going!  For those looking to make a lifestyle change, let’s start off 2014 together!

  • Looking GREAT, Ebony! I also know that if I had taken my weight loss journey more seriously, I’d be in much better shape. Either way, I’m determined to take 2014 by storm. Keep up the fabulous work 🙂

  • mandy

    looking good! keep at it! and good luck!

  • Looking good girlie!

  • You better gone now Ebony!!! Lol! Wow girl you look amazing! So proud and happy for you. I need to get on your level for sure! Amazing progress! 🙂

  • Deb

    You look great!

  • JJ

    Keep it going and we get there together!

  • From Mrs. to Mom

    Go ‘head Ebs! You look great!!!

  • Way to go Ebony! Woohooo! You are my inspiration for 2014!

  • Rachel Bryant

    Good job a Ebony! You look great(:

  • Blessed Tresses (Robin)

    You look great~such an inspiration!!!

  • Girl, yes!
    Fantastic progress 🙂

  • You look awesome, Ebony! Great progress. I’m happy for you!!

  • Sunshyne (

    You look absolutely wonderful! Omg. So proud of you Hun. Keep it up!

  • StylePoise

    Amazing! You go girl!!!

  • Jeimy Hernandez

    you go girl you look amazing!!!

  • Velicia

    Excellent work Ebony !!!! You look fabulously fit lady. Please keep it going. It’s your personal goals that many women on their journey. So proud of you. Stay strong.

  • S.O.S Hair

    You betta get it girl!!! Congrats on soooo much success thus far!

  • You look great! This is amazing progress and you have really motivated me to get off my back side!

  • Blutiful Blaq

    Ebony as I have said many times you look fabulous! Such an inspiration. I plan to get back on my fitness journey. I get married in June and my goal is to be back at my pre-pregnancy weight. I plan to hit the gym tomorrow.

  • Lisa Tina-Marie

    Congratulations! I hope to make that kind of progress!

  • Tonkabelle

    Wow, you really do look so amazing.

  • lisazigg

    You look awesome, I have struggled with my weight for years. I finally decided this is it, time is going to past anyway so why not spend it on improving myself. You are an inspiration…keep up the good work.

  • Congrats Ebony, I am super proud of you, you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are! Keep up the great work!

  • You go Ebony! You are well on your way!