Fitness Friday: Importance of Non-Scale Victories

Fitness Friday: Importance of Non-Scale Victories


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Some ladies don’t use scales at all to help them manage their weight, instead opting to measure their fitness by the fit of their clothes and the way they feel.  I’m the complete opposite.  Even at my largest size, I was painfully aware of my exact weight at all times.  So it makes sense that as I lose, I weight myself regularly.  For me, nothing denotes progress like pounds lost!

However, as I continue along my final weight loss journey and concentrate on making this a lifelong change, I do stop to smell the roses.  I’m not so driven by the number on the scale that I do not appreciate how fine I’m looking these days.  Yes, I have quite a bit more to lose, but there are so many things that show my steady progress other than my actual weight.  Sometimes we can get so caught up on POUNDS POUNDS POUNDS that we fail to appreciate other changes!

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Last weekend, I was able to wear an incredibly cute midriff bearing sweater while vacationing.  I felt sexy, alluring and most of all FLAT! (well semi anyway)  A few months ago a shirt like this would have been absolutely out of the question, I’m so not about that roll exposing life!  Granted I’m still not at full crop top status, but its coming – trust and believe.  The way I felt wearing this shirt gave me more confidence and encouragement then any amount of lost pounds ever could have.

So my point is that even if you live and die by the scale like I do, don’t forget to appreciate all the NON-scale victories you make along your journey.  Smaller clothing sizes, lost inches, firmer body parts, more confidence naked – whatever it may be!  You may even find that celebrating all your non-scale victories helps you to have more success ON the scale!

What non-scale victories are you celebrating?

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  • S.O.S Hair

    You betta get it Ebony! I love that outfit! Congrats on your non-scale victories!

  • You do look fine, girl! I love to measure my waist to see where I am at. Great post.

    • Thank you! I took my measurements today also so I could track my body’s changes.

  • L. Eller

    Get it Ebony!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look darn good!!!!! Hope you didn’t cause any accidents where you were!

    I DO NOT WEIGH MYSELF! I went to a personal training session (you know those “free” sessions where the gym tries to get you to sign your life away for those overpriced sessions) and that was the first time I was weighed in a long time. I was not at my skinniest! But he did weigh me with my jacket, shoes, etc. on (and it was that lovely time of the month when I have more water than the Pacific Ocean).

    Anywho, I told him that I feel the fittest I have ever felt! I can still fit into my 4s and 6s and look slimmer! Bump that scale! I am about to start getting more serious about lifting and will probably put on some more weight. Bring it on the lbs if it’s lean muscle! I go by how my clothes fit and how I look. Honestly, I don’t have much weight to lose (which can make weight loss a bit harder than someone who has more to lose) and if I based my victories on what the scale says (which can toggle between 4 lbs a day depending on the time of day), then I would never be happy! The scale NEVER tells the bigger picture. Shoot, I could have gained a few lbs cause my hair got longer! 😉

    Keep on your path, measure yourself often and weigh yourself sparingly! You look great and congrats on how far you have come!!

    • HAHAHAHAHA @ your 1st comment! Thanks girl! Yeah see, when you are AT your goal, its much more important to pay attention to other measures of fitness…I can’t wait to get there.

      Your gaining a few lbs because your hair got longer also cracked me up! Thanks for the encouragement, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • OMG I hate the scale!!! I like a fit and toned look so I have opted to incorporate a great deal of weight-training. Muscle is much heavier than fat so while I may be seeing a fitter and healthier image in the mirror, the scale is telling me that I’m either not losing or actually gaining weight. BYE BOO! I got rid of it cuz it doesn’t really know what’s going on. The scale can’t measure sexy + no one sees the # on it but you! lol

    Ps. You look great Ebony. Keep on keeping on.

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

    • I agree, the scale canNOT measure sexy. And once I reach my goal, I’m sure I won’t be as driven by it. And then I’ll be able to pay more attention to the other changes!

  • I totally hear you about non scale victories! Sometimes I get so caught up on what my scale says that I forget appreciate the other small changes that I see in my body. Great post as usual 🙂