Fitness Fridays: Most Helpful Weight Loss Tools

Fitness Fridays: Most Helpful Weight Loss Tools


I honestly believe you do not need to spend any money or own any special tools to lose weight.  After all, the “trick” to weight loss is to burn more than your intake in calories each day.  If you eat healthy and lead an active lifestyle, then it should take care of itself…in theory.  However, for most people reality is quite different than theory and having a few tools and gadgets can make our weight loss journey easier and more successful.

I’m sure I’ll never be a full blown exercise addict, but as you know I am firmly committed to my fitness and weight loss journeys.  After having a tiny bit of success (20 lbs down) I thought it may be helpful to share the weight loss tools I have personally found to be most useful, especially at the start of my journey.

Fitness Tools
Measuring Cups and Spoons.  Portion control is a major factor when losing weight.  When I first started my weight loss journey, I made sure my entries were extremely accurate by measuring every single morsel of food I ate.  If a serving size was 3/4 cups, then I measured exactly that.  Cereal nutrition value calculated with a half cup of skim milk?  Then into my measuring cup I poured, then emptied the half cup over my cereal.   With pasta, sauces, rice and grains – I use measuring serving spoons, which makes it quick and easy.  Although I no longer have to measure as much as I did in the beginning, I still use my cups and spoons  to make sure I don’t over indulge.

Food Scale.  For the same reasons as the measuring cups and spoons, food scales are really nice to have.  I was surprised by what two ounces of dry spaghetti actually looks like and I was shocked when those two ounces actually satisfied me!  All this time I have probably been eating twice what I should be, all because I had never measured.  Protein is a bit easier because you can reference size more accurately but its nice to have a food scale so you know for sure exactly how much food you are consuming.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor.  Seeing all of YOU upload pictures daily to Instagram with calories burned and the duration of your workout made me take the plunge and purchase my own heart rate monitor.  And I’m so glad I did!  Knowing my heart rate forces me to push myself during my workouts, especially since I rarely exercise on a piece of cardio equipment.  Just this weekend, I decided to go for a walk while visiting my cousins and after the first few minutes I realized that in order to make the “walk” effective I had to jog to increase my heart rate.  If I didn’t have a heart rate monitor, never in life would I voluntarily start running.  So, I will say that it helps me to burn more calories and push myself outside my comfort zone.  They really are worth the investment in my opinion, and I bought mine for only $60 from Amazon.

Resistance Bands.  Not that I do a whole lot of traveling but when I do, resistance bands are always in the suitcase.  They are light, portable and give a great strengthening workout while on the go.  I even found a few workouts on YouTube that use resistance bands, one of my favorites specifically works my abs and booty!

Cell Phone.  Yes, I’m serious.  As I just mentioned, I find great workout videos on YouTube, use My Fitness Pal to track my food and exercise (although not as much anymore), find inspiration and meal ideas from Instagram and fitness blogs and listen to my workout music with my cell phone.  Plus there are a million apps that can help in your personal fitness routine.  If you are not using your smart phone to help you with your weight loss journey, you are seriously missing out!

  • From Mrs. to Mom

    Thank you for this post!! I really want to get on that weight loss bandwagon but I have trouble carving out the time. Knowing what you use to help is a great big push! I have a food scale that I don’t use… time to dust that thing off!

    I’ve also been leery about these polar bands and how they contribute to weight loss but knowing your story- it now makes sense! You’re right. I’m not voluntarily running anywhere. lol!

    • I know exactly what you mean and people love to say “Oh you can make the time” and “It’s only 30 minutes or one hour out of your life” but that isn’t exactly true. Between travel time to and from the tennis courts and acquiring an entire wardrobe plus the extra laundry working out this often requires…it is a big time commitment. Have you tried DVD workouts? That may work well for you. Jillian Michaels has quite a few really effective ones ranging from long to just 24 minutes.

      Girl – I was skeptical about the polar watch things too but its even water resistant and reads my HR & calories burned in the pool. I swear that thing is like watching money accumulate – I love seeing the numbers go up! lol

  • jnicole078

    I have a good tip that has helped me this week. I cut up my salad and placed it in separate glad-lock zipper baggies(lettuce, tomatoes etc. all separate) so when I am running late or hungry and don’t feel like cutting it up it is already to go. It also keeps you from grabbing something else. I have been eating salad everyday.

    • That’s a great tip and I do that all the time, but then I’ll fall off and stop preparing. I need to work on planning and cooking consistently – thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  • Courtnea2001

    Excellent post! I used some of the same things on my weight loss journey! Oh by the way I saw your comment on my blogpost about the dryer. I sent you an email in response. Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

    • YES!!!! I’m so behind in answering emails, so thank you for leaving this comment – I’ll search for your email tonight while I’m deep conditioning!

      • Courtnea2001

        If it helps, I believe I sent the email on Oct 4th or somewhere around that date!

  • Great to show up body fitness tool Fitness Fridays advantages and process of get fit body. Like food scale or Polar Heart Rate Monitor.