#FitnessFriday | My Month as a Vegan

#FitnessFriday | My Month as a Vegan

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This new job situation is seriously cramping my blogging style!  Man, after the first week or so, I just didn’t take the time to snap photos or be as creative with my meals but I pretty much followed my originally drawn out vegan meal plan (planning was SO vital).  I had a couple of cheats – yes, I’ll be honest, I ate meat twice.  But only twice, which I think is pretty dern good!  Rather than to drone on and on about random thoughts I’ve had regarding following a vegan diet – I’ll break it down into parts.

vegetarian recipes vegan recipes vegetarian recipe ideas vegetarian recipe ideas
Clockwise: Black Bean Burger, Eggplant Parmesan, Meatless Tacos, Spaghetti Squash with Veggie Meatballs

Why Vegan? Why For Only a Month?

I’m not an animal rights advocate (to be honest, I don’t even really like animals all that much…I’ve never even had a pet) and I don’t think eating vegan or vegetarian is healthier.  So neither of the main two reasons folks usually decide to “go vegan” don’t apply for me.  My major reason was similar to when I did my juice detox – it was a challenge to myself and a way for me to adjust my thinking about my eating habits.

Did I Lose Weight?

Yes. I lost a total of 8 pounds last month!  However, I did not work out because I was adjusting to a new schedule so I don’t look or feel thinner.  Tight is right and flabby is shabby!  I want to be FIT and thin, so this month I made my way back to the tennis courts and dusted off my sneakers.

Will I be continuing to eat vegan?

No.  I did like the way my digestive system responded to the change in diet (especially eliminating dairy) but avoiding all animal products is not a challenge I am interested in taking on.  At all.  In my opinion, meat is not unhealthy.  Veganism isn’t unhealthy either, when done the proper way.  I knew not to carb load, nor did I overdo it with the processed foods.  I did consume some meat and cheese substitutions, but I also made a lot of my food from scratch and was careful not to carb load with potatoes, pasta, rice, etc.  So, overall I would say it was a good experience.

However, you may remember my guy was the inspiration behind me even trying the vegan diet for a month.  Well, now this month here he comes talking about “I’m not eating meat this month.”   So, in support, I decided to continue for another month.  Not a big deal, as I said my thinking is mostly what has changed – I no longer plan my meals around meat and that is a habit I believe WILL stick with me moving forward.

Fitness Friday Badge

I’ll be sharing a few individual recipes over the next few weeks.  I’m sorry I left you hanging with both #FitnessFriday and my vegan month progress and results, but I promise I’ll do better!  Link up below, I am dying to see how your fitness journeys are going!!!!

  • Li

    Well done! I ve been a vegetarian for many years but even so, go over to vegan Would be a too big challenge for me. I dont eat meat substitute or even quorn cos i found them too artificial.

    You were smart to do it in the summer when so much veggies are avsilable and fresh.

    What do you mean it did to your digestive system? I ve never have had any problems, maybe it is something you added that you are sensitive to? It is good to not just eat carbs but unorocessed carbs or whole train products are full of minerals and vitamins and good to eat. I think it is the white refined products you Want to avoid. Good luck with you next month! Hopefully your hubby Will Cook for you all month long as it was his idea 🙂

  • Great job!
    I am loving how it’s helping my digestive system as well 🙂

  • Healthy Hair Zone

    I went vegan October 2013…. it’s been almost a year and the 1st month was the hardest. My mom tried it for a week before she gave in lol. I never really liked meat that much so I went vegetarian 4 years ago. I’m trying vegan for the time being and it does have it’s challenges. Did you notice a difference in your hair?

    • Hey Toy! Yes, now that I am month two of trying to not eat meat, I can definitely say it has been getting easier with time. I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference (yet). It’s too soon to tell plus my hair is hidden away right now, but here’s hoping! lol