Wash Day | Flexirods on Dry Hair

Wash Day | Flexirods on Dry Hair


Arguably my favorite two styles of all times are roller and rod sets.  While relaxing my hair, I had gotten to the point where I was able to set my hair in 45 minutes or less and with my amazing dryer, would also dry in about the same amount of time.  I prefer not using direct heat whenever possible plus these styles last for a week.  However, since transitioning (aside from a salon visit) I have only had flexirod failures, one of which brought me to tears!  Honestly, I don’t know if it was my technique, lack of patience or something else because Jeni of Just Grow Already and KLP of Saving Our Strands both do (did) amazing spiral sets regularly while transitioning and they both have type 4 hair!  This week, I decided to try again – but this time on dry, stretched hair.  So without further adieu, let’s jump into this week’s wash day!

Dry Flexirods on 4c Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length - Ebony C Princess (1)

I finally returned to pre-pooing and my hair thanks me for it!  I also washed my hair in braided sections and detangled my wet hair while drenched in Good Hair Is NOURISHED Conditioner.  The amount of slip this conditioner gives is really amazing, I can honestly say detangling was a breeze this week and life is always sweeter when I don’t get into a fight with my hair during wash days.  I deep conditioned under my Hot Heads heating cap for about 20 minutes.  After rinsing, I towel dried for about 15 minutes before blow-drying using the tension method.  I sprayed the Good Hair Is RADIANT Buriti Oil to my damp hair to act as a sealant (after rinsing the conditioner) and heat protectant.  This oil spray contains -cones and natural oils which makes it perfect for both.  You obviously don’t have to blow dry before doing this style but I wanted really smooth curls.  Watch below as I walk you through how I used flexirods to get my amazing spiral set.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I’m in love!  I think I found a definite keeper moving forward as a style option, and I felt like I was back to my old self with a bomb flexirod set even on my 4c natural hair.  However, like I always say – there is no such thing as a “natural hairstyle” – any hair type and texture can use Good Hair in a Bottle Products and these same styling techniques.

Dry Flexirods on 4c Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length - Ebony C Princess Dry Flexirods on 4c Natural Hair Dry Flexirods on 4c Natural Hair Dry Flexirods on 4c Natural Hair Dry Perm Rods on 4c Natural Hair

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 I’m linking up with Saving Our Strands and Just Grow Already for their #WashDayExperience this coming Wednesday! Yay!

  • Did you BC?

    • No, and I’m not going to. I have so many layers most of my hair is natural and the rest will be trimmed away gradually so I won’t have a “final” moment.

  • I love setting my hair but the manipulation is a best. I’ve had great luck with flexi rods!! I love them and they are my fave. Great job!! I definitely need to check out the Good Hair line. I’m 31 weeks post and need slip!

    • The manipulation with two textures has been too much for me also. I couldn’t do a set deep in a stretch either. But now that I’m more natural than relaxed, I’m trying to get back into it and doing it on dry hair made all the difference. I honestly love the GHIB products, I wish they had a leave in conditioner and creamy moisturizer too, but the foam and conditioner are my faves from the line.

      • That’s good to know about this line. Thanks for the awesome review!!!!

  • Ebony it looks great and I’m so proud of you for sticking it out! Every since I dyed my hair purple and got it rodded (for the first time ever since being natural) I’ve been HOOKED on that style. It’s my favorite now and makes my hair look awesome. Can’t believe I never tried it until then.