Freetress Equal “Sonya” Lace Front Wig

I have mixed feelings about this wig.  On one hand, I absolutely LOVE the style!  If I were ever to get my hair cut, I’d probably go for a style similar to this.  It looks so natural, the hair is soft, and for ONCE it is a short wig that actually has enough hair in the back to cover my nappy nape!  On the other hand…it is my first lace front wig and I’m not completely sure I am a fan.  Its a little scratchy to be perfectly honest.  Plus I have an obsession wondering if it looks incredibly fake, unnatural or Brandy-like.  I love the Norwood family but everybody unanimously agrees that Brandy’s lace fronts have to be the biggest celebrity hair monstrosity of them all!  I also think that my head is a little too big for the wig sometimes!  It feels like I’m always pulling it, trying to make it stretch….which it doesn’t do easily….to make it sit on my natural hairline.  And, although I know LFs are the new thing in the wig world, I honestly prefer the half-wigs.  They are not as hot, have more versatility and because you blend the front with your own hair look much more natural than even the BEST lace front, full lace, or full wig…just my thoughts on the matter.  In any event, I still think I look pretty smokin HOTT in this wig, I definitely recommend it, and I am glad that I purchased it.  So, I guess I’d give it a 4 out of 5 – only because of my issues with it being a lacefront.  Below is the YouTube review I did on it with pictures included at the end.  These pics, although lower quality from my cell, are in natural light and give a better view of the hairline.

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