French Braid Protective Style Tutorial

French Braid Protective Style Tutorial


French Braid Protective Style

I wore this fabulous french braid protective style which was inspired by Sdestra of Sdestra’s Hair Journey and later found out Traycee of KISS once rocked it as well.  Now, the first thing everyone has said upon my posting of these photos to Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) is that while many of you love it, you cannot braid or cannot braid well.  That’s perfect!!!  The looser you braid, the more elegant and unique the finished product will be!  I remember seeing Sdestra post her photos of this style often on KISS and later she recorded a video tutorial on how she creates hers.  Although similar, I actually do mine slightly different and upon request created a tutorial on how I create my french braid protective style:


The major thing about my “french braid” is that I”m not really braiding, I’m simply crossing one side of hair over the other and grabbing additional hair as I go.  I never really make three separate sections of hair the way you would when doing a traditional braid.  You can see that by loosely swooping the sides into the braid, you create a very elegant draped look on the side of the braid:

french braid protective style

The looser the better with this look and no matter how short or long your hair is, the french braid protective style will look great on everyone.  It’s actually perfect for our upcoming challenge – which I am super excited about!  If you decide to recreate this look, let all three of us know via Instagram – follow Traycee (@Traycee77), Sdestra (@Sdestra) and myself (@EbonyCPrincess…of course) and tag us in the photo!  I loveeeeeee when you guys recreate one of my styles and I’m sure they would be flattered to see your versions as well.  Are you ready for the Protective Styling Challenge?  Have you signed up yet?