Gabrielle Union Says to “Wear Weaves Responsibly” & Celebrities Show off Their...

Gabrielle Union Says to “Wear Weaves Responsibly” & Celebrities Show off Their Real Hair!


Gabrielle Union Real Hair - Longing 4 Length

All my fellow Instagram addicts like me probably saw Ms. Gabrielle Union’s photo yesterday – either on her on timeline or reposted to mine, but for those oblivious she posted the glorious photo of her thick, healthy natural hair above with the caption:

“Ladies…you can achieve hair growth…With a weave!  This is allllll mine, no clips, no extensions, hadn’t even been pressed…And it got this healthy thick length from responsibly wearing weaves.”

Tell it Gabby!  Of course the haters were out in full force with comments like ‘It ain’t even that long’ and ‘Looks like she need a trim’ but we all know that is out of jealousy.  Fewer of her shared photos received as many comments as this one, proving that hair still is a very hot and heavy topic among Black women, and for some is considered a touchy subject.  Which is really a shame because Gabrielle Union is one of the few celebrities not to only boast about their long-weave-hidden-hair, but offer encouragement and even a few pieces of advice to other Black women wishing to achieve healthy, long hair as well.

Let’s take a look at a few other celebrities who have worn weaves responsibly to help them grow long, healthy hair:

Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child

Michelle Williams Destiny's Child Beyonce Real Hair - Longing 4 Length

via @RealMichelleW – Wow! My Hair has grown a lot in two years!

Michelle Williams Real Hair - Longing 4 Length

via @RealMichelleW: My hair is growing fast! #ALLMINE #VAIN #NATURAL #NOPERM #JUICESANDBERRIES #LOL

Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons Real Hair - Longing 4 Length

via @AngelaSimmons: Braiding up this hair!! #NaturalHairLife @Nikkrokkshair to the rescue!!! @angelaiamhair it’s time #miami

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan Real Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length

via @SanaaLathan: #hairweavekilla #aunaturel #tgif

Mother & Daughter Duo: Toya Wright & Reginae Carter

Toya Wright Real Hair - Longing 4 Length

via @ToyaWright: A natural 20 inch. #longhairdontcare #allmine

Reginae Carter Real Hair - Longing 4 Length

via @ToyaWright: Just washed and pressed @colormenae’s hair…My princess hair is growing so nice #teamnaturalhair #phuckyoperm

To the best of my knowledge (and the oh-so-reliable research of hashtags) all the above celebrities’ hair is unrelaxed, natural.

I know all my L4L supporters are well informed regarding Gabby’s phrase “wear weaves responsibly.”  I’ve talked at length about the importance of properly caring for your hair before, during and after a sew-in weave installation. And – just to be clear – wearing weave as a protective style is absolutely a CHOICE, never a necessity!  You can certainly grow long, healthy hair without a weave (or wig), and this site is all about healthy hair, however you choose to wear it.  But for those who missed my original posts or maybe just began considering getting their first sew-in, here are just a few helpful articles from the L4L weave archives:

  • LMBO I think people are so petty towards Gabby anyway. Her hair looks healthy. Now the only thing I have to say is that Toya’s edges look a little weaker but her natural hair is nice. I am seriously thinking about doing weaves for awhile simply because I’m beyond tired of doing my hair and I’m not seeing anything happen to it. Crochets are what hot in my streets haha.

    • Girl aren’t they?! The comments and arguments that ensued under that photo…a MESS honey!

      In other news…I think I shall do a post on crochet braids. I was trying to explain it to my mom, but she didn’t understand at all.

  • I bet Toya’s edges are weak from all the flatironing with weave. But I know as soon as I get some more hair I’m going to get braids. I look crazy as a mofo in weave so I’ll pass unless its something short.

    • Yes, I think her natural hair texture is fine so all the smoothing and straightening looks to have taken a toll.

  • Wow, michelle’ s hair is on steriods!