Gearing Up for a Sew In Weave!

Gearing Up for a Sew In Weave!


I’ve always gotten great growth and retention while wearing a sew in even before my HHJ.  I was already thinking of getting a sew in, even before my “thin ends” issue but now I definitely will be getting one this winter.  Most likely after the holidays…I still want to show off at the end of the year!  I can’t help it!  Anyway, back when I did last year’s sew-in the company Indique saw my video on YouTube and asked if they could feature it on their website.  In exchange, I received a certificate for one free tube of hair.  I tried to banter and get them to give me two, or even feature another one of my videos on the hair…but they wouldn’t buckle!  LOL!  So, ever since March I think, I’ve had this certificate for one free tube of Indique hair.  First I was going to do curly, then wavy, then their relaxed straight.  I was so freakin undecided!

I finally decided to get the Pure Straight again, this time a handtied weft.  I’ve never gotten handtied hair before, but I’ve always been curious as to whether it makes a noticeable difference.  In case you are wondering the difference between the two, there are a bunch of articles that discuss the difference.  I find that when researching weave info and brands, its best to get your information from a variety of souces.  Hair company websites, different bloggers/YouTubers and hair forums. Here are the links for a few:
Hair Extensions 101 (I found this thread interesting because it has feedback from Caucasian women)
Anyway, again I got the Pure Collection – Straight.  It is completely unprocessed virgin Indian hair.  I was so pleased with my last sew in, the hair held up amazingly well…better than any hair I’ve ever used before and I’ve always spent a pretty penny on my weave hair.  It didn’t shed, didn’t tangle, didn’t dull, didn’t do anything except be great!  The hair was 12 & 16 inches (which was really more like 14 & 18).
In case you missed my sew-in earlier (I did several videos but wasn’t blogging yet) here are some of my looks:
I decided to order the same texture (Pure Straight) because: 
  1. If I got a different texture, I would have to purchase the second tube out of pocket and I am trying to save money! 
  2. The whole reason I invested in an expensive brand of quality hair extensions is because they are re-usable.  Experienced weave wearers always point to this as being an extreme advantage because you get your money’s worth of wear plus you don’t have to deal with tangling and shedding.  However…many weave-heads are so addicted to hair that we are always looking to try a new brand, a different texture, or whatever.  So how often do we REALLY reuse the hair?!  I figured get another tube of the same texture and reuse the hair I already own for the rest of my head.
  3. The straight hair is easiest to blend with my relaxed hair.  If I got curly, I would constantly have to twist or rod my leave out hair.
  4. Usually curly hair has to be rewet regularly for optimum styling.  Since I plan on wearing my weave in the winter, this could prove to be a problem.
It takes me a while to decide on weave styles.  There are so many options and I always want to make sure I’m 100% sure because I always keep it installed for a minimum of 8 weeks, but usually 10-12.  That’s a long time to have a style you regret getting or want changed.
So….styling.  All throughout my teens and early twenties, I wore side parts, both with weaves and my real hair.  For the past year or so, I’ve began doing a center part which I love.  But, for this sew in I actually plan to return to the side part.  I plan to have my braiding pattern done on a diagonal for the bang area rather than a straight side part so that the final look is something like this:
Instead of this:
Notice how Meagan Good’s look creates more of a side swoop type bang?  I think that is a great way to update the traditional side part.  It’s a little sexier in my opinion.
I ordered 16″ and Indique gives you 2 extra inches so it will really be more like 18″.  I already have 4 oz of 16″ (that was trimmed so it really is 16″).  I plan to do more of a layered look so if I had been paying for this hair, I would’ve gotten 14 to put on top, but since I didn’t…why not get the two extra inches?!  I don’t mind cutting away some of the length on it to create the layered look since I didn’t pay for it anyway.  But if you plan to do this, I recommend buying two different lengths that are 2″ apart for a natural layered effect and then you won’t have to cut the hair, just trim it into the shape you desire, which I did with my previous install after a month of wearing it straight out of the tube.  For this install 8 oz of 16-18 inch hair is VERY long, but I go hard with my weave! lol.  I actually may get the hair colored also…not sure yet.  Here are a couple of examples of how I imagine my finished product to look like:
What do you think of the above looks? Do you think they will look good on me?
I can’t wait!  I’m excited to be able to pull out all my heat tools – crimper, clampless curling iron, flat iron.  I’m looking forward to having hair the length of my goal…and not having to worry about protecting my ends!  hahaha!  I’m anticipating great growth and retention while in the sew in.  I can’t wait to see how I like the hand-tied wefts for blending purposes.  Most ladies report that while their weaves may not be as full, they are more natural looking due to easy blending over very flat tracks.  Overall I’m already claiming a great sew-in experience!
  • I am also planning to get a weave this winter. If I had the affordability to buy higher quality hair I could weave my hair for a longer period as my friend charges me discounted rates when she does my hair. I will be going straight but buying a curling wand as I like curly hair or the option of.

    Thanks to bloggers I am discovering UK based weave suppliers at the higher end but one day I will be able to afford the pricier stuff. Thanks for the links. Been on BHM and always get lost in the abundance of posts there

  • FEG

    You got me excited reading this post! I can’t wait to see your results – I love the length that you’re planning to get. Your hair looked really pretty with your last install so I’m sure it’ll be even better this time! I was just looking at wigs today because it’s definitely time to hide that hair!!!

  • it looks soooo good. one of these days i’m going to be brave enough to try a weave. in fact, it’s going on my 30 before 30 list 🙂

  • Thinking of doing the same thing… But I just cant spent too much money on my weaves though. I hate even apply my expensive poo and condish on it too. Its fake and they always come out fine but I agree with you at the same time, expesive shed less and tangle a whole lot less too plus they are re-usable.

    I loved the last looks you pulled off with your last installment… Iam thinking in a week or two to add a sew-in. I want to look unweaveable for my upcoming BDAY Lol.

    And for the above looks that I think will look good are the two meagan good pics, color, length and style.

  • girrrrlllll i can’t wait to see this weave…your previous install looked amazing!!! I like the sweep bang look.

  • Girl! You got this weaving thing down to a science! I want a weave this winter too. I wouldn’t know the first thing about the best type of hair to get. I want this style too. Well anywho, I wanted to let you know that I’ve got an award waiting for you over at my blog!

  • Wow your hair looked great!!! I would not have been able to tell that you had a weave because it looked so natural! I just got a sew-in about a week ago because I’m trying to not only grow my hair to a healthier state, but possibly tansition to a natural state as well (we’ll see). I am a huge fan of Gabrielle’s weaves but Toya comes in a very close second for me as well. All the styles are just so fab!

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