Girls Hairstyle Idea – Twists & Braidout Updo

Girls Hairstyle Idea – Twists & Braidout Updo

Girls Hairstyle Idea

Girls Hairstyle Idea

I’m back with another update on my little cousin, Jennifer’s hair.  I did her hair after the holidays, about 6 weeks or so after our first vlog.  I want to help nurture her hair back to health and give readers some little girls hairstyle ideas with this series as well.  This week we went for two strand twists up with a braidout, which she loved (although as you’ll see in the video below she did NOT trust me to come up with a cute style):

One of the things I notice most about Jennifer’s hair is that it is most broken off around the edges and perimeter from wearing constant ponytails.  I chose this style to keep her hair up off her clothing.  I wish I were able to do her hair weekly, but once every 4-6 weeks is the most I can get down to her.  Now that I’ve built her confidence in my styling ability, next time we’ll have a talk about keeping it moisturized.  I plan on giving her a spray moisturizer – something she can apply quickly and easily.  After she begins to do that consistently, we’ll add sealing.  Baby steps…

Girls Hairstyle Idea

Her braids hadn’t dried completely so the resulting braidout was a bit frizzy, but I still loved the style.  And so did she!

For those of you who have teenaged girls, how did you introduce healthy hair practices to them?

  • I was able to get Brionna (my daughter) on board by showing her other peoples hair. And explaining to her how we need to start taking better care of our hair. So now our routine is really like clock work. Wash and deep condition every weekend. We go buy products together and we look at hair styles all the time. One tip that I can give is to give her a journal that she is able to update for a month. Find out how she is taking care of it herself and then add to or take away. Write out a plan of action. I am doing the same thing for my 3 nieces, but I am able to see them everyday.

    • This is AWESOME advice! Maybe Jennifer and I will go hair shopping next trip down – she checks L4L regularly (as I see from the above comment) so I’m hoping she’s game! 🙂

      • jennifer got swag14

        that would be great i cant wait to go hair shopping with you and i love so much

  • alexismoore611

    OMG! This was adorable. To be honest, I believe that I am going try this as soon as I can do my hair again. LOVE IT!

    • Thanks! And you know what…I’m inspired with my own hair too, lol!

  • jennifer

    thank so much i relly enjoyed it so much i cant wait in till u come back i love u so much cuz

  • LaQT/ Ty

    Very cute! I’m going to copy this look on my daughter this weekend but with spiral curls instead. So glad you’re helping to inspire a future hairlista.

  • I love this hairstyle!! You know how deathly afraid of having a girl and having to do her hair… but this is doable!!