Goddess Braids Tutorial Inspired by Tracee Ellis Ross

Goddess Braids Tutorial Inspired by Tracee Ellis Ross


goddess braids tutorial

After posting my hair of the day a few weeks ago which was inspired by Tracee Ellis Ross, two of my good friends asked for tutorials.  Although I know I’m not able to explain how to cornrow very well, I happily obliged and created a Goddess Braids Tutorial for you.

I know I’ve already explained how much I love this style, but lemme just say it again – I LOVE THIS STYLE!  I am able to wear it for a few days without having to redo my hair (I continue to moisturize and seal though).  Its so easy and doesn’t place tension on any one area of my hair, plus after wearing it for a few days I have a gorgeous loose waves.  I definitely will continue to rock this style long after our protective styling challenge ends.

Goddess Braids Tutorial

One of the great things about hosting this challenge is that I have committed myself to creating cute hairstyles to keep it interesting for you – and in the process I have found quite a few new go-to styles.  Tracee definitely rocks her goddess braids best, but mine aren’t too shabby if I do say so myself!