Good vs. Bad Weave Hair: How to Tell The Difference

Good vs. Bad Weave Hair: How to Tell The Difference


Good Vs. Bad Weave

It is SO incredibly difficult for those who are not already familiar which companies from whom you should purchase your weave.  Even if you are a weave officianato, it may be your first time buying non-beauty supply store or virgin hair extensions.  What on earth should you look for?  Can you really tell the good from bad weave before buying?  As you already know, I like to spend a bit more for hair from reputable companies that can be reused.  However, if it is your first time – who wants to drop a car note on weave when they don’t even know if they will like it?  So much hair, so many things to consider!  In the video below I explain a few ways to detect good weaving hair and weed out the bad.

I wanted to show you what to look for in hair straight out of the packaging, before installing.  If you already have the “bad” hair in your head…that means you’ve already spent your money and are frustrated with the rats nest you are dealing with!  So, choose wisely, do your research, check out your favorite online review sources and remember cheaper isn’t always better but nowadays expensive isn’t even always best either.

  • Fashion Pad

    LOL at ‘rat’s nest’. Girl my last hair resembled a combination of a bird’s nest and rat’s nest. That crazy thing is that I had purchased hair from the same company months ago! Great info doll!

  • vivalajuicy

    that bad hair probably has animal hair in it also mixed with minute human hair and synthetic hair…nasty…