Grapeseed Oil for Hair – All Oils are Not Created Equal!

Grapeseed Oil for Hair – All Oils are Not Created Equal!

Grapeseed Oil for Hair

Grapeseed Oil for HairI watched a recent video from one of my favorite You Tube hair vloggers, Sista with Real Hair on grapeseed oil for hair, its benefits and how different “cheap” grapeseed oil is from gourmet oil.  It was an eye opener to say the least!  Unfortunately she had to re-upload the video because of a music violation but the new video is still very informative:

Now, seeing the very obvious difference in color and even thickness (at least to my eyes) of the two brands, I was thinking what are the differences in each grapeseed oil for hair?  I was convinced that the gourmet brand must be more potent and effective for the hair (and even skin) and immediately went to my local Marshall’s to see if I could find some higher quality grapeseed oil, which I did for $7.99.  Below, I’m rambling a bit about my purchase but also thanking SWRH for thanking me for featuring her in an article I wrote for my section (All Things Hair) of Black Hair Media in which I listed her as one of my top ten favorite hair vloggers.

grapeseed oil for hair I’ve always wondered about the oils found in TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross and the like and asked myself why they seem to be so popular since they are all available at regular grocery stores; I thought the appeal was the fancy-dancy bottles.  I’ve always bought all of my oils – cooking and hair – from the grocery store even if it is a “higher end” store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.  However, after seeing her video, I realize that there may be something to these “gourmet” oils.  I plan to upgrade my other oils also as I run out – coconut and olive, even for just cooking.  I can’t wait to see if I can tell a difference.  I won’t have a chance to tell until I take down my current weave installation but will certainly keep you guys updated.  I was thinking about doing a half-and-half experiment using one of the oils for half my head and the other for the other side…but honestly, I’m trying to take excellent care of my entire head until I reach my length goals (my hair health goals have already been met).  So, I don’t have room to “play” for ya’ll, but SWRH always has fun and interesting experiments and with the length of her hair and how quickly it grows (she gets 0.75-1 inch per month) she can afford to do that!

Get Napa Valley Grapeseed Oil here or look for it in your local discount stores!

  • was just going to get into hemp seed oil as well. will you be using the grapeseed as a preepoo? or for oiling the scalp/sealing??? i know you mentioned using hemp and evco for your prepoos. please advise 🙂

    • I used it this week to take down my weave and I plan to use it to prepoo AND seal. I do love the hemp seed + EVCO combo for prepooing though…but I think grapeseed + EVCO may be an even more magical combination!

  • I watched the video as well. Loved it. Excited to try different oils other than my regular olive oil and coconut oil

    • Thank you -and I am in love with this new oil after the first use.

  • Jazzy

    I had no idea there was difference. I normally buy the NOW brand of oils. Hmmm….I’m almost out of grapeseed sooooooooo I guess I will be going to TJ Maxx or Ross. If I’m not mistaken, grapeseed has a higher percentage of ceramides than most other oils. I am very curious to see how you use the grapeseed oil and how it compares to the hemp seed oil. Great vid and post!

    • I used to get the NOW brand also – I am telling you, I have never been so happy to switch to a new oil in my life. I’m going to use it a bit more for a “true” comparison so I’ll be posting soon!

  • I saw the same video and will upgrade too. But too bad I still have an entire bottle to go through first.

    • Girllllll I just used the new oil when I took my weave down…I am SO sold!

  • Dy McCaskill

    your weave installation is BANGING! i need to come where you at and go to whoever did your hair! oh, yeah, i like grapeseed oil too!

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