How to Retain Length and Grow Long Hair with Wigs & Weave

How to Retain Length and Grow Long Hair with Wigs & Weave


I get emails all the time from readers who have stumbled across L4L at various points in my hair journey asking if I still wear weave, how I care for my hair while wearing weave and exactly how they can grow long hair with wigs.  Although I have quite a few articles covering weave and wig care, I’ve learned many of you are visual.  This inspired me to create yet another series called L4L Hair Tip Tuesday, during which I will post some type of image, pictorial or infographic related to hair care.  These posts will be short on words but hopefully will be helpful to all those visual learners and Pinterest fanatics!  So…without further adieu here is my suggested regimen for how to retain length and grow long hair with wigs and weave:

Grow Long Hair with Wigs Weave

In step two, I suggest applying a “stimulating” oil for accelerating your hair growth.  This can be anything from a purchased growth aid such as Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil (use code L4L for a 15% discount) or even an essential oil such as rosemary, peppermint or tea tree.  It is completely optional – your hair will grow regardless and if you follow the rest of the regimen, you will retain length as well.

The only deviation between my regimen when wearing wigs versus a sew-in is that I leave my weave in for 6-8 weeks not four.  I’m always asked how long I recommending leaving weave in and my answer is no longer than 8 weeks.  Any longer and you run the risk of your hair matting, tangling and the wefts pulling on the hair which all leads to breakage.  Other than that my weave and wig regimens are identical.  It does not matter if I am rocking a sew-in, synthetic half wig, u-part wig or full lace wig – the regimen is the same.  Don’t forget to browse through the weave archives for additional information.  I’m always for rocking fabulous fake hair but never neglect your hair beneath!  Healthy hair is always the priority whether you choose to wear it out or not.

Hair Tip Tuesday will be back next week, happy hair growing!

  • JJ

    This is exactly what I have been doing! It has been working too.

  • I started using refined organic coconut oil the last two months and my hair grew 1.5 inches. prior to that my hair would grow 3/4 to 1 inch in the same time span underneath my weaves.

    • OMG, that’s awesome growth! Congrats, love me some coconut oil!

  • This is great, Ebony. I’m a visual learner, so I’m all about this. And of course I’m a Pinterest addict so I will be pinning it as well 🙂

    How do you like the Joico K-Pak? I’ve been wanting to try it for a while but didn’t want to switch from my Aphogee 2 min. long enough to try it. Which do you like better?

    • S.O.S Hair

      Joico K-Pak is definitely a stronger protein conditioner than Aphogee 2 min but I really love it!

      • Thank you so much! I’m gonna give it a try next!

        • S.O.S Hair

          I’m around 22 weeks post and I like to use it (and other protein heavy conditioners) from the line of demaraction down to keep my ends strong. I’m guessing that it would be the perfect breakage defender post weave take down.

      • Thanks for the reply! Now I’m thinking about switching back…decisions decisions! lol

    • LOL, I’m still *learning* Pinterest honestly. I like them both but for some reason I always return to the ApHogee. However, I do like that the Joico is pH balanced and just like ApHogee, they have two protein conditioners, one light and one heavy.

      K-PAK Reconstructor – five minute conditioner
      K-PAK RevitaLuxe – deeper treatment.

      Hope this helps! And remember places like Ulta takes returns if your hair hates it!

      • Thanks, Ebony! I didn’t even realize there were two–just like Aphogee. I will try getting them from Ulta since I already have to go over there anyways. Appreciate it 🙂

  • Ideal Wigs

    Interesting, will try this one out.

  • Great tips Ebony!!

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  • I’m gonna try my hand at wearing half wigs this winter. Wish me luck. I’ve been lurking your archives for tips. Thanks for all the wonderful info. What wig cap do you use?