Guest Blog Feature: Tips for Perfecting a Bantu Knot Out

Guest Blog Feature: Tips for Perfecting a Bantu Knot Out

Fabulous News!  I have been accepted as a guest blogger on Black Hair Information, a fabulous blog and resource for relaxed and natural women alike.  I stumbled across this site when I was doing research for my post on ceramides and actually upset that I was only just discovering it!  Anyway, I will be posting on the site periodically so feel free to subscribe for my posts and those from other great bloggers also.  I will always notify you here on the topic as well.  Below is the link for my post on how to guarantee a great bantu knot out, enjoy!
Thanks for reading!
  • Congrats on being featured! Do ya thang Ebs! #soproud

  • @The Mrs./The Mom
    Thanks girlie! I appreciate that!

  • You’re lucky. Mine never fall correctly. :-/

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