Guest Blog: Is Relaxed Hair Off Trend?

This is an article I’m particularly excited about.  I’ve shared my views on being relaxed and how I believe it to be versatile several times here before.  You also know how much I enjoy wearing fake hair and that I use it to update my look.  These thoughts were the inspiration for my latest guest blog post on Black Hair Information (BHI).  Check out the preview below:

…asymmetric cuts, choppy layers, blunt bangs and different textures are wildly popular right now but hair trends change constantly.  I don’t feel comfortable committing to drastic changes to my real hair but I like to update my look as the trends come and go.  I took part in this conversation recently (while I was wearing a very stylish bob wig by Freetress) which led me to think about my real hair.  Is relaxed hair “out”?
Salt n Pepa circa 1990
Allow me to take you down hairstyle memory lane and please remember I am from New Jersey so you may have called these styles different things in your region.  Do you remember fingerwaves?  Horizontal French rolls with scrunchies in the front?  Teased bangs, side ponytails with cloth holders, and the mushroom haircut? How about waterfalls?  Box braids with wooden beads on the ends?  Oooooh, and what about the fan?!  While I didn’t rock all of these hairstyles, I certainly wore my fair share and remember every one.  As the different hairstyles have come and gone – I’ve changed my look accordingly because I like to change up my look and I truly do believe hair is the ultimate accessory.
To read the rest of this post, please check it out here and while there subscribe to  I honestly find it to be a great resource (and not just because I am blogging there now, lol).
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