Hair Accessories for Working Out

Hair Accessories for Working Out

My Dri-Sweat Headband

Regardless of whether you are relaxed, natural or transitioning – as a woman of color maintaining our hair while keeping up a vigorous exercise regimen takes effort.  Luckily nowadays there are so many additional resources, information and tools to help us stay flyy and fabulous while getting fit.  One of the newer items to hit the exercise scene are moisture-wicking headbands.

My Dri-Sweat Headband
My Dri-Sweat Headband

Dri Sweat Edge Women’s Headband:  This is my favorite go-to item!  I posted about it on Instagram and many of you went out and bought one and let me know that it works just as well for you.  Thanks for doing that, it always makes me feel good to know that some of my hair rantings advice helps, even if just a tiny bit.  I love this headband because not only is it made of fantastic moisture-wicking fabric that absorbs sweat away from your hair, but it is also tight enough that it keeps my edges lying smooth and flat!  Plus – and this may be the best part of all – it costs only $3.99!  The Dri-Sweat line also offers a specially netted cap with the moisture wicking fabric around the edge that has room for your ponytail (which I also own).  You can most easily find these products at Sally’s Beauty Supply but as always they are also available from Amazon as well.


Save Your Do Gym Wraps:  Created by actress Nicole Ari Parker, the Save Your Do gym wrap is designed to minimize sweat absorption while allowing heat to escape and let cool air in.  I applaud Nicole’s entrepreneurial spirit, but I find the wraps a bit overpriced starting at $25 (which is actually less than when they first hit the market).  However, a portion of the profits does directly benefit her charity for spina bifida (her oldest daughter suffers from this condition).  Basically this wrap looks to be of a very similar material as the Dri-Sweat bands, but are offered in three colors as opposed to just black.  Also, the Save Your Do wrap has a triangle version to cover more of your head and the headbands are tied rather than sewn together in a tube which is a nice option to have.  I will probably get one now that I am actually exercising hard enough to justify the purchase!

Sweat Vac Headband:  I saw this product on Amazon randomly.  It features moisture wicking fabric that claims to dry four times faster than cotton and also has a UPF 40+ rating, which means it has an excellent rating for blocking UVA and UVB radiation from the sun.  I’m not too familar with this band, but the reviews look good and it is offered in many different patterns and colors at just $10 each.  I’m a bit hesitant about the kind of headbands that are designed to “stay in place” because in my mind that equals pulling at the hairs around my hairline.  But this may be worth a try for those wanting a little variety in their workout accessories.

Kyodan Headband:  I see plenty of these at my local TJ Maxx so I decided to pick one up just to try.  The fabric is the oh-so-popular moisture wicking material that I’ve mentioned all throughout this post but also features a plastic lining that means it will not move, slip or fall off during your activity.  I must say, it does work – if you have bangs or short layers, I imagine this would be a god-send for your workouts.  I use my Dri-Sweat headband almost exclusively but always keep this in my tennis bag just in case I happen to forget mine.  It was only $5 at TJ Maxx.

Goody Spin Pins:  To be real, I didn’t get all the whoopla about these lil pins and in fact had a hard time holding onto mine when I purchased them.  I take down my buns any and everywhere which means I have piles of bobby pins everywhere around my apartment.  But, I hate when I have a cute bun all fashioned and then it falls apart with the first sudden movement on the tennis court!  I find that the spin pins keep all of my hair (and weave!) in place when used in place of bobby and hair pins.  Love them!

To see what other hair items I keep in my gym bag, check out my recent video:

Really that was just an excuse for me to show off my deep bronzed skin!  Better than makeup, I tell ya! lol.  If anyone has any suggestions of other hair accessories that would benefit the rest of us, please by all means leave a comment down below!

  • Elena

    Hi Diva,
    Thank you so much for including fitness on your website. To be honest my hair was keeping me from exercising. After wet setting my hair and living under the hair dryer, sweat was the last thing I wanted to include. Thank you so much for all the great information. You rock!

  • Keya

    I went out and purchased the dry sweat band. I tried it on today and it fits perfectly, it seems like it will be much better than my current sweat band. I will know more tomorrow after my workout. Thanks for the info.