Healthy Hair Swim Tips for ALL Hair Types

Healthy Hair Swim Tips for ALL Hair Types


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With Spring being right around the corner, the weather will soon be warm enough to swim whether for recreation or as our workout like Ebony. While swimming is great exercise and always fun, we must take extra precautions to protect our tresses from the harsh chlorine and salt water that’s known to wreak havoc on our hair. Here are some tips to save your hair before, during and after you go for a swim.


DO Wet Your Hair with Water before Diving In – Completely saturating your hair with fresh tap water will help reduce the amount of chlorine or salt water your hair absorbs while swimming. Because your strands will be “full” of fresh water, the strands won’t be able to absorb much of the harmful water you’re swimming in. Both chlorine and salt water can create breakage, dryness and damage.


DON’T Wear a Swim Cap – I don’t know about you but growing up swim caps never worked. All they did was give me a headache and create a place for water to actually get trapped causing my hair to get more wet. As a natural I wear more protective styles which can create tension on your hairline if you’re not careful. Swim caps can do the same thing. The pulling on your edges may not be worth the hassle and you can probably get more effective results simply by saturating your hair with fresh water instead.

DON’T Wear Your Hair Loose – Before going for a swim make sure your hair is secured somehow. This can reduce tangles and damage. Choose a style that allows you to wet your hair easily and won’t be hard to take down to cleanse your hair.


DO Cleanse Your Hair after Your Swim – Even though you followed the first step and saturated your hair with water, chances are you were in and out of the pool or ocean several times. That leaves time for your hair to dry and some of the harmful salt or chlorine to be absorbed. To prevent damage and breakage cleanse your hair as soon as possible. Some suggest using a clarifying or normalizing shampoo to cleanse after swimming. Personally I use something moisturizing. Select the best product for your hair.

DO Deep Condition Your Hair After You Cleanse – To make sure that your hair is moisturized and as healthy as possible make sure you replenish and restore any lost moisture by deep conditioning. My favorite is Luscious Locks Hair Mask by Karen’s Body Beautiful.

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I hope these tips were helpful. If you have any swim tips please share them below or tell us what you cleanse and condition with after a dip.

  • Lizzy

    These are some great tips! Thanks so much for them i’ll be sure to utilize them this summer

    • Hey, Lizzy! Awesome. Have lots of fun in the sun. 🙂

  • Amanda Costen

    I love using my swim cap because it protects my hair from getting caught on my goggles when I pull them on and off. Also before I go swimming I just started coating my hair with conditioner because I feel that the silicones, or the moisture it adds, will help my hair to not absorb the chlorine and at the same time it is deep conditioning when in the Sun. When I’m done swimming I follow up by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner…usually shea moisture… and then seal my ends with natural products like shea butter and my olive oil mix and my hair feels super soft for several days. I think it’s worth a try for anyone that likes to go swimming for people who feel like they can’t go swimming due to the effects on the hair. Your hair shouldn’t stop you from doing anything you enjoy or that is good for you. I have used this method about 5 times this summer and I plan on going swimming more. I spent too long avoiding pools and I just bought a nice float that looks like a giant slice of pepperoni pizza for five bucks it’s hilarious and I just love playing with my diving rings it’s great exercise.