Hair Care Beneath the Wigs!

Hair Care Beneath the Wigs!

hair care under wig

As promised, I recorded a video demonstrating how I care for my hair under wigs.  Actually I’ve covered quite a bit of this information in various posts over the last couple of years and included it in the L4L Healthy Hair Handbook but I can appreciate that sometimes visual demonstrations help:

So in a nutshell my wig regimen is to cornrow my hair neatly, leaving them in for a month while doing the following:

  • Moisturize with a spray moisturizer
  • Seal with oil of your choice using a spray bottle
  • Apply a heavier sealant like shea butter (whipped or straight) to the ends of your braids
  • Co-Wash with a cleansing conditioner weekly
  • Deep condition at least bi-weekly
  • Airdry- don’t leave your hair damp all the time.
  • Optional: Apply growth serum to scalp nightly.  I use Bee Mine Growth Serum with Sulfur, another option is Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil (Sulfur Based).

As I said, I recommend natural based spray moisturizers – the one I used in the video is OBI Naturals Curl Enhancing Spray.  Other recommendations are Elasta QP H2 Leave-In Conditioner, Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave In, Bee Mine Juicy Spritz and Giovanni VitaPro Fusion Protective Moisture Leave-In, just to name a few.

hair care under wig
This wig is definitely a keeper!

The silk wig cap I mentioned is available from Swig Caps.  I meant to do a detailed review of the product and of course now I can’t find it!  It is a nice cap, but definitely not stretchy or fitted.  I wouldn’t recommend it unless you feel you really need a silk wig cap because  the same effect can be duplicated by placing a satin bonnet on your head and covering with a regular nylon wig cap, which will actually give a better fit.  I know a lot of ladies are using wigs during the L4LPSC and just in general to help grow their hair – and because I am

This is basically all I do for my hair under my wigs, sometimes I add a prepoo with extra virgin coconut oil.  Simple but very effective.

Hope you found this helpful!  All the wig-nistas out there please leave any tips you have in the comments section – sharing is caring!

  • Kristina Butler

    I have been rocking a sew-in for 4 wks now and have put my Elasta QP moisturizer in a spray bottle with water. I use grapeseed oil to seal after I moisturize. I was washing every week but skipped this past week. Gonna wash and DC this week and try to bring my weave back to life. I really regret not investing in more expensive hair. Next time…

    • Sounds like you have a VERY solid regimen, and I agree investing in hair is always worth it. I normally take a very long time to research before the splurge, but I have yet to regret it. I’m sure your hair will really thrive with your current installation!

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  • TiffDizzle

    I normally put in large cornrows and just take them out weekly and wash cond and deep cond my hair every week. I put a leave in and oil and shea butter on my hair every other day or so but lately ive been thinking about doing smaller cornrows and just co-washing every week with the braids still in and taking them out monthly and then do my wash and deep cond then.. idk we shall see

    • Let me know if you try leaving them in how you like it. But if you do take your braids out weekly, I suggest just as you have done – do large braids so its not so much manipulation. I’d love to hear you compare and contrast the two regimens.

  • mary

    Im trying to make a regimen for myself but with wearing wigs.I would like to know can I still was and condition my hair in my cornrows weekly with co washing also or do I have to keep taking out the braids

  • Mynameispeaches

    I just came across this post via a Google search. So I’m am late coming to the party. However, I wanted to share my regime. I have recently started to wear wigs to give my natural dry, damaged hair a respite from micro braids. Micro braiding has taken it’s toll on my hair and edges. However, thanks to using wigs as a protective style and taking care of my own hair my hair is much healthier, stronger, soft, thicker and my edges are growing back, slowly. Yay.

    To prepare for wig wearing, I cornrow my hair. I leave the cornrows in for four weeks. I moisturize my cornrows daily using water, Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream mixed with olive oil.

    and apply JCB oil twice a day to my hairline. I wash, condition and deep condition weekly and also do a hot oil treatment. I wear a silk scarf under my nylon stocking cap. It makes a huge difference. I only wear the wigs when am out and take them off as soon as I get home.

    The only downer is I wish my edges would grow back faster. I console myself by telling myself that it took me nine months to ruin my edges so I should at least give them nine months to grow back thicker and fuller again.

    • Allswell Washington

      use a little caster oil on your headline, it may grow even faster

  • I looked the Swig a number of times but just can’t pull myself to hit pay now.

    • Its a great idea, but not really good execution tbh. I think I gave mine to my mom, its a great nighttime cover but tight enough to hold your hair flat for a wig.