Hair Discussion: My New Growth Aid

Hair Discussion: My New Growth Aid

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I’m terrible at duck lips, but I can always give good kissy face! lol

One of my e-friends, Shay of Perfect Tresses, shared a photo via Facebook a while back of her ONE week progress using the Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil.  Like many of you, I’d seen their ads randomly around the internet but never paid too much attention.  However, after seeing her obvious growth acceleration, I decided to order a bottle.  I’ve been using it super consistently since April 22 (thank goodness for the blog as my hair journal) but I really wasn’t able to tell any difference because I’ve not worn my hair straight or done any length checks since my last relaxer.  However, I did measure my length in several places throughout my hair for my PERSONAL tracking purposes.  Now, looking back, I wish I had done that on video because when I measured this week, it appears as if my hair has grown 0.75-1″ in various places.   I repeated the measurements about four times before I accepted it.  I am pleasantly surprised actually…my hair doesn’t always the average half inch per month so to see an obvious increase is pretty much everything I expect from growth aid.

I know you are saying to yourselves, Ebony why don’t you have any pictures to prove it to us?  Well, hold on, before you start stoning me for not being my normal thorough self, I fully intend to show you photos. You may remember me mentioning it in this post?  I did not even reveal the name of the growth aid until I felt I’d used it consistently enough to share, remember?  I will be having my hair professionally done next week and will have photos taken of the straightened length so you will be able to see for yourselves.  At the moment, my new growth is quite apparent and feels like I’m 6-8 weeks post rather than just four; I air dried my hair this week after cowashing and my roots shrunk up like  couldn’t believe!  I’m looking forward to seeing the photos myself actually.  I just wanted to share my lil story with you a bit early since I do believe, I’ve found a new favorite growth aid that I plan to be super consistent with.

The exact product I ordered is the Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil (Sulfur Based).

I will post photos and a short video review next week with my full thoughts and experience with the oil, but I do plan to order a second bottle and track a bit better for you next round.  As a disclaimer, I am an affiliate of Liquid Gold Hair Products (you may have noticed their ad to the right) so I will receive credit if you order via one of my links.  However, I paid for my bottle myself and trust me…these opinions are COMPLETELY my own.  I can’t wait for you to see my update next week!

  • Congratulations, I’m trying my best to keep up the use of my growth aid and check my progress. You encourage me to continue on my hair journey,l keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, its easier to stay consistent when you actually see progress!

  • Healthy Hair Diary

    Do you contibue to take vitamins while using this?

    • Well, I don’t take my vitamins regularly…unfortunately! I should…but I don’t. *puts self in time out*

  • Michelle

    I really love your blog!!!! And I really appreciate the full disclosure piece at the end of this post! Your posts are always on point, and gives me new ideas of things to try even tho I’ve been at this HHJ for nearly 2 years now! Most importantly, you’re always so thorough and I always feel as if I learned something new to add to my hair arsenal! Lastly, I really appreciate that your update with new posts often. I love having the near constant influx of hair info to read! Just wanted to say thank you!!!

    • Thank you SO much!!! I smiled so hard when I saw this message notification earlier. This made my day, I try to keep the blog well rounded so newbies and veterans will find something of value. I appreciate you for taking the time to leave such a beautiful comment.

  • Ebony, you are on top of these new hair products! I’m looking forward to your pictures, you’ve piqued my interest.

  • Misha

    Looking forward to your review and the pics. Not sure if you’re aware, but while the links in your post work, the Liquid Gold ad in the sidebar is not a clickable link.

  • I have this oil! I got it last year after reading about it on hairlista. I only used it consistently for one stretch, but I felt I had good (also undocumented) results and loved how healthy my scalp became. I actually had to relax earlier than I would have liked because of the amount of new growth. I’m excited to see your update! Gonna have to start using it again myself.

  • Paris Cymone

    Great Job Ebony!!! Ive tried Liquid Gold’s Amaka oil last fall (took my relaxed hair from eye length to a little past chin length in about 2 months!) & im using the Green Magic cream now. All I can say is I started the cream May 7th (not even consistently every day like I should’ve been!) & I already have close to an inch of growth, at least 1/2 of that was from the cream!! (im 7 & 1/2 weeks post relaxer) So yes, Liquid Gold is a great investment in my eyes. I’ll be ordering more of both the Amaka oil & Green Magic as soon as im out!!