Wash Day: My Hair’s Moisture-Protein Balancing Act

Wash Day: My Hair’s Moisture-Protein Balancing Act


Moisture Protein Balance Hair I had a few exciting revelations during my last wash day – which was preparation to relax my hair this week – mostly regarding hair’s moisture protein balance and the things that affect it.  I’ve talked a bit about this in previous discussions on both ceramides and my article on moisture protein balance, so if this post goes over your head you may find those helpful.



First my wash day steps:

  1. Prepoo:  Warm EVCO with added hemp seed oil.  Completely saturated my hair from root to tip.
  2. Shampoo:  Clarified to remove any buildup which could affect the performance of my relaxer.
  3. Protein Treatment:  ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment.
  4. Moisturizing Deep Conditioner:  Bee Mine Bee-U-ti-FuL Moisturizing Conditioner to completely restore moisture.
  5. Porosity Correction:  Applied Roux Porosity Control in the shower after rinsing my DC.

The Effect of Combined EVCO & Hemp Seed Oil

I had previously only been pre-pooing with hemp seed oil for the smoothing and other benefits of ceramides but recently added EVCO back into the mix.  First off, when I rinsed the oils to prepare to shampoo, I immediately noticed my hair felt extremely smooth and soft – as if I were rinsing conditioner!  I stood under my shower head for a few extra moments running my hands through my new growth down the length in appreciation of how the oils left my hair!  Even after chelating, my hair felt super soft…not stripped in the least!  Then I applied my protein treatment and upon rinsing my hair still felt soft and smooth.  In fact, if I didn’t KNOW that I’d just applied a protein treatment, I would’ve just proceeded with styling my hair!  I followed up with the balancing moisturizer and just because it is what I’ve always done proceeded to deep condition with the Bee Mine moisturizing DC.  I developed this part of my regimen because my hair used to never react well to protein treatments, I only did them because I knew they were necessary to keep relaxed hair its healthiest.  Since my hair would always seem to remain dry even after applying the balancing moisturizer, I began following up purely moisturizing DC. This week’s wash was completely contrary to those experiences – each step of my routine left me with SMOOTH, SOFT hair that felt strong and healthy.  In fact, I highly doubt step 4 of my process was even necessary.

The only thing that has changed in my regimen is the addition of EVCO back into my prepoo mix so I conclude that must be the difference.  Both ceramide-rich oils and EVCO are known to help hair accept protein better and if my hair is any indication I would have to say that is true!  When I used EVCO alone, my hair seemed to hate protein.  When I began using hemp seed oil, my hair responded much better, but when I used both oils together – BAM!  It was like all the stars in the sky aligned and the healthy hair fairies were sprinkling their magic dust over my head!

So, the moral of the story?  The first step of any healthy hair journey is understanding the importance of keeping our hair moisturized to prevent dryness which leads to breakage.  The second step is providing your hair with its perfect balance of moisture and protein.  Of course I love the way my hair responds to Kerapro (ingredients include both moisturizing properties and protein), but now I know that the combination of EVCO and hemp seed oil leaves my hair sublimely soft and smooth even during and after a hard protein treatment!

  • BlutifulBlaq

    I must try!!!

    • Girl. I was SO amazed, can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  • YAY for hair discoveries!!!!

  • I love EVCO to prepoo but it sounds like you had a mega awesome wash day! I’m still plotting on the Kerapro but now you have me wanting to add hemp seed oil to my arsenal. Thanks a lot! *pouts*

    • ROFLMBO! If you are gonna try Kerapro its 2 for $12 right now and I believe you are able to purchase just one for $6!

  • Jenna Garrett

    Awesome wash day discovery! I’ve strayed from my coconut oil for a while, I will have to return soon :). Glad your wash day went well!

    • I strayed also, and girlllllll it welcomed me back with open arms! lol.

  • Jazzy

    Ebony, I’ve been researching ceramides and found that grapeseed oil is a great oil with ceramides and actually has a higher percentage of linoleic acid (73%) than hemp oil (60%). I’m thinking about purchasing the hemp oil but wanted to get your thoughts on using hemp oil vs grapeseed oil. Also, my scalp hates coconut oil, it itches like crazy so I’ve had to stop using it. My scalp, however, loves jojoba oil so maybe I can use it instead.

  • ivydoll

    Since I got to know that hemp seed oil can be used to seal the hair. I mix it 50-50 with grapeseed oil and seal with it, It’s fantastic. I alternate it with argan oil, I sometimes apply the mixture to my ends when it’s dry