Hair Product Empties!

Hair Product Empties!


I’m so serious about cleaning out my hair products….I’ve given a TON of products away to friends and family, but it seems like I’ve barely made a dent in my stash!  There are so many great products on the market for healthy hair – things I’m curious about and buy to try and items that are sent to me for review consideration by brands.  I only have one head and am using less products than normal since I have mostly been hiding my hair.  Despite feeling overwhelmed with products, I have actually made a dent in my products when I noticed quite a few favorites are now gone! #WINNING!!!

Product empties

Yes!!! I’ve emptied all of these products!  It isn’t often I finish several products at the same time and all of these are favorites, some new and some old.  I’m so glad to throw out all these empty bottles at once.  Let me give you my thoughts on each one at a time.

  • Jane Carter Moisture Mist: I’m obsessed with this spray.  You guys know from reading my review and raves on this spray that I absolutely LOVE this product!  I’m curious to see how it performs on my hair as the weather cools and the humidity levels drop…but this is my second empty bottle and I’ve already re-upped!
  • Hair One:  Love love love this co-wash, it is my absolute fave!  Unlike some of the newer co-wash products, this one conditions the hair rather than only giving it a gentle cleansing.  It leaves my hair soft, clean and smelling great plus it can be used as a leave-in.  It really is an all in one product, perfect for quick washes during the week.
  • Davines Nou Nou Nourishing Repairing Mask: *sigh* I’m not sure how to feel about my feelings on this conditioner – I hate that I love it because of the price tag!  Although it is pricey, it does give my hair amazing softness and moisture plus I have very few tangles after using this conditioner.
  • Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In:  Another oldie but goodie that I’ve mentioned many times, this is a great spray moisturizer as well.  Over the summer, I used the Moisture Mist in its place but as the weather cools I’m thinking I may need to go back to the basics and re-up on this as well.
  • Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer:  My longtime love and staple moisturizer…nothing beats it.  It is an absolute MUST have for my hair, what else can I say?  Check out my original review if you’ve never heard me share my thoughts on this product before…which would be extremely weird for any L4L follower!

In the video below, I go a bit more in depth on my opinions on each of my product empties and share some of my thoughts from my High End Hair Haul.  Also, I did purchase just a few new items and those are included as well.

I’m always excited not only to get rid of some of the bottles of products in my stash, but also to discover new items I love such as the Nou Nou conditioner.  I can’t wait to get a second jar!

How is your product stash?  Overflowing or under control?

  • In working to downsize, I cut down to 5 products, and it’s been amazing!

    • OMGosh, FIVE PRODUCTS?! Are you kidding me?! That’s amazing! I’m getting anxiety just thinking about having that few…I think I have a problem! lol

      • Lol! Girl, yes!
        Now I’m just using three! I have to keep my stash small – I gotta make sure I can get everything in my car!

  • Lam

    Seems like a lot of people are trying to use up old products… I know I am! There’s something satisfying to me about getting rid of all the unnecessary extras.

    • YESSSSSSSS! And it just makes it so much easier having staple go-to products!

  • NancyM

    I’m trying to use up my stash too. It’s just so easy to collect products. Sheesh! Trying to minimize.

    • Yes girl, and every time somebody raves about something it makes me want to run out and pick it up! lol