Hair Update Ramble

Hair Update Ramble

I’ve been so uninspired and boring with my hair lately!  Well, that is not exactly true…I’ve had plenty of ideas but more accurately I’ve been feeling lazy and I’ve been really busy also.  But mostly just lazy.  I really want to rollerset my hair but don’t feel like taking the 30-45 minutes it takes to set it plus the drying time!  On the plus side because of my laziness, protective styling hasn’t been a problem!  Wigs and phony ponies have been a life saver! Last week I wore Freetress Equal “Material Girl” half-wig in color F437.  It’s alright…I’m really not a fan of “mixed” colors and this wig has a LOT of body and hair.  Very wiggy, but still cute.  Does that make sense?  Let me clarify, its versatile, because it has enough hair to pull half up/half down, or do a ponytail and blends well when I roll my bangs…but at no point does it look real.  So I like it to change it up, but I definitely won’t be repurchasing.  Anyway, here are pics from the first day I wore it.  As the week went on, I pulled out some hair one day and pulled half of it up another…but its still “wiggy.”
As for my regimen, I’ve been sticking to my plans.  Protein drinks, ceramides, deep conditioning 2x per week, drinking lots of water.   I can already see improvement in my ends…and I’ve taken the pictures to prove it!  Here are pictures of my hair two weeks ago – right after I started focusing on repairing my ends.  Notice how in the damp hair photo my ends are sticking out at the very perimeter and are much thinner than the bulk of my hair.
Here are a couple of pics from this weekend’s wash.  My hair is still damp in these photos.  You can see definite improvement in my ends, they are thicker and you don’t see as many “fly away” dry hairs.
So I believe my plan to help preserve my ends as much as possible is definitely working.  What do you think?  Don’t my ends look better than in my ‘Setback post‘ and video?  I promise I have a full post coming regarding ceramides because I am a true believer! Well anyway, since Saturday I’ve been wearing Outre Sabina and here it is midnight and even though I really want to do a bantu knot out, or a caruso set, or maybe even a braidout…
I highly doubt any of that is going to happen as I already have moisturized with my first love, Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and sealed with avocado oil and currently have my bonnet on.  But if I do end up doing something cute I’ll definitely share it with you!
  • i don’t get it. i see a difference, but if you’ve broken off the ends so they’ve thinned out, how does doing some extra deep conditioning make them thicker/better?

  • Your ends do look smoother in the 2nd set of pics you posted. Patiently waiting for your post on ceramides 🙂

    xo Stephanie

  • Can’t wait for your post on ceramicides. Dr. Oz praised it’s benefits on his show yesterday!

  • you’re doing a great job with your ends