#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: Ceramides for Hair


Ceramides for Hair For more information check out How Ceramides Benefit Hair. … [Read more...]

#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: Grapeseed Oil Uses

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  Grapeseed oil in an excellent choice for hair because of its high content of ceramides. For more information, check out How Ceramides Benefit Hair. … [Read more...]

L4LHair Tip Tuesday: Favorite Ceramide Conditioners

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

If I have learned NOTHING else about my hair, it is that my tresses absolutely LOVE conditioners that are rich in ceramides.  Here is a short list of ceramide conditioners I highly recommend for every budget, all of which I have tried except the Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Conditioner.  And I plan to rectify that very soon! To learn more about ceramides and why they are important for our hair, check out: How Ceramides Benefit … [Read more...]

Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion Review: Ingredient Discussion

Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion Review

I was sent the Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion to review by Soft Sheen Carson.  It promises fuller, thicker hair growth but a true review would take weeks, if not months, of consistent use before I would feel comfortable commenting on those promises.  However, what I decided to do is discuss the ingredients found within the product.  I have stressed the importance of understanding ingredients over the description and claims of a product time … [Read more...]

Grapeseed Oil for Hair – All Oils are Not Created Equal!

Grapeseed Oil for Hair

I watched a recent video from one of my favorite You Tube hair vloggers, Sista with Real Hair on grapeseed oil for hair, its benefits and how different "cheap" grapeseed oil is from gourmet oil.  It was an eye opener to say the least!  Unfortunately she had to re-upload the video because of a music violation but the new video is still very informative: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vTSFYRgFqE&feature=g-user-u Now, seeing the very … [Read more...]

Relaxed at 11 Weeks Post!

My last relaxer was on 11-25-11.  Before that touch-up, I had told you that I was planning to self-relax in this post, but decided to visit my "home stylist" when I went to NJ for Thanksgiving.  She did an amazing job both with my relaxer and my trim (as you may remember) but now that I'm back where I currently reside...I was back at square one about whether to go to the salon or do it myself.Well, if you follow me on Twitter then you already … [Read more...]

How I Detangle & Prepoo (video)

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2012 Hair Regimen: Kerapro, Ceramides & Bee Mine

I know some of you saw it coming, right?  I've followed the same basic regimen for my entire HHJ and been using the same staple products for at least a year or more now, and there was nothing wrong with my previous routine.  But either my hair needs have changed or I found something that my hair likes even better because my hair is just thriving right now.  So, my new hair regimen (at least until further notice) is as follows:Detangle and … [Read more...]