Major Hair Protein & Humectant Ingredients | #L4LHair Tip Tuesday

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The one thing that has made the biggest impact on the health of my hair since beginning my healthy hair journey (HHJ) is understanding the ingredients found in my hair products.  Prior to my HHJ, I relied mostly on the product description and label so I was constantly - mostly erroneously - guessing at what worked for my hair and why.  Once I learned the importance of providing my hair with the proper balance of moisture and protein combined … [Read more...]

Joico K-Pak Review: Intense Hydrator & Reconstructor

Joico K-Pak Review Joico K-Pak Product Review #L4LHair

I purchased both the Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator and Reconstructor in trial (travel) sizes from Ulta a few months ago to test on my hair before taking the plunge to buy the full sizes, something I highly recommend.  I noticed as I continued to stretch my relaxer that I was suffering breakage - particularly in my crown area.  Many readers suggested giving my hair a protein treatment to combat the issue and you were right, that is exactly what … [Read more...]

#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: 5 Moisture-Protein Balanced Conditioners

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  For more information, check out The Moisture-Protein Balance. … [Read more...]

#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: 5 Protein-Free Conditioners

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  For more info, check out Conditioning 102: Moisture-Protein Balance for Your Hair. … [Read more...]

Wash Day: My Hair’s Moisture-Protein Balancing Act

Moisture Protein Balance Hair

I had a few exciting revelations during my last wash day - which was preparation to relax my hair this week - mostly regarding hair's moisture protein balance and the things that affect it.  I've talked a bit about this in previous discussions on both ceramides and my article on moisture protein balance, so if this post goes over your head you may find those helpful.     First my wash day steps: Prepoo:  Warm EVCO with … [Read more...]

Conditioning Your Hair 102: The Moisture-Protein Balance

I covered the purpose and types of conditioners in Conditioning Your Hair 101.  A big component of maintaining well moisturized hair is providing your hair with the proper balance of moisture and protein.  This is much more difficult to access then is sometimes presented in most online resources.  The truth is, “we” (hair obsessed bloggers) can attempt to explain how to tell if you need moisture versus protein for hours on end, in post … [Read more...]

Reader Q: What are some PURE moisturizing deep conditioners (contain no protein)?

Question:  What are some PURE moisturizing DCs that do not contain any protein that I would recommend?  I received this question via my YouTube channel.  I get asked this ALL the time, both by online inquires and my "real life" friends.  I remember being on the search for one when I began my hair journey as well, so I figured it is well worth sharing my recommendations.Bee Mine Moisturizing Deep Conditioner:  My main staple, works extremely … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Reversing Protein Overload

My first reader question since beginning my blog!  Whoo-hooo!  A reader sent me a message saying she also is a lover of Bee Mine Products but that she feels she has protein overload and asked what to do to restore moisture.  Here was my advice, sorry it is geared towards Bee Mine users since that is the product line she uses.  Suggestions for other products in the same category are at the bottom of the post: Clarify (Bee Mine has a … [Read more...]