Revive Your Hair | Baggying & Greenhouse Effect


Happy Monday Ladies!  I've decided to start a new series, called Revive Your Hair, focusing on some basic techniques and information that will help your hair thrive.  There are so many great new products and emphasis on creating fabulous styles that we can easily drift away from caring for our hair.  Sometimes we just have to go back to the basics, revisit the oldies but goodies, and give your hair some extra TLC!  So the first topic is … [Read more...]

Liquid vs. Cream Leave-In Conditioners

Liquid versus Cream Leave In Conditioner Longing 4 Length

Over the years of my hair journey, I have tried many a leave-in conditioner.  I have never found just one or two staple products - there are so many good ones out there!  But I have realized my preference is often a liquid, mainly due to my reliance on rollersets to style my hair.  However, I have used and loved quite a few creamy products as well.  Is one superior?  Is there any major difference between liquid versus cream leave-in … [Read more...]

How to Maintain Senegalese Twists | Moisturizing and Sealing

How to Maintain Senegalese Twists - Longing 4 Length

Many of you have already worn this style and may have additional tips on how to maintain Senegalese twists, this is just the method *I* follow for all my long-term protective styles (braids, twists and weaves).  The great thing about this style is it requires very little maintenance to keep looking nice.  All you need is a spray moisturizer, an oil to seal and a satin scarf.  An extra item would be the Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother (reviewed … [Read more...]

#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Hair Oils

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  For a pretty and easy way to store your hair oils, check out the video below: httpv:// … [Read more...]

My Protective Style Maintenance | Moisturize & Seal

Jane Carter Solution Hydrate Moisture Mist Quench Seal & Shine

I've had my flexirod updo for about a week and although it took forever and a day to achieve, this protective style is super easy to maintain even through working out!  I noticed with my last sew-in that my hair seemed drier than usual despite consistent spraying with two moisturizing products:  ApHogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-In Conditioner (review forthcoming) and Bee Mine Juicy Spritz.  Normally my hair feels soft, moisturized and … [Read more...]

#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: The LOC Method

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  L-O-C stands for liquid - oil - cream, in that order and is an excellent way to retain moisture in your hair. For more details on this method of moisturizing & sealing your hair, check out the full post on the LOC Method. … [Read more...]

#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: Grapeseed Oil Uses

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  Grapeseed oil in an excellent choice for hair because of its high content of ceramides. For more information, check out How Ceramides Benefit Hair. … [Read more...]

How Coconut Oil Benefits Hair & Prevents Damage

Coconut Oil Featured Image

If you are on a healthy hair journey, chances are you have already read information on various ways coconut oil benefits hair.  For some women, the science behind hair products and practices is unimportant - as long as they get results, they could care less about why it works.  But that doesn't work for my scientifically trained mind!  I need to know why something works and how it benefits my hair.   So I finally decided to do my own … [Read more...]