#HealthyHair4Summer Challenge + Prizes + $1000 Giveaway!

#HealthyHair4Summer Challenge + Prizes + $1000 Giveaway!


I can’t possibly express my excitement to announce my first hair challenge in years!  This coming September will mark one year that I have been fully relaxer free and my aim is to reach bra strap length hair (when straightened) which is very realistic.  To make sure I achieve my goal without facing a setback, I must focus on healthy hair habits these last few months leading up to my nappiversary.  So, I want to invite you to grow and retain your length with me this summer!  Watch above as I explain the details and make sure you are following on Instagram, Twitter and have liked the L4L Facebook page.

So as I explained, I’ve teamed up with my hair friend Traycee Simmons and our plan is to hold each other accountable to keep up with our healthy hair habits:

  • Deep conditioning with heat at least once per month
  • Keeping our hair sealed and protected from the sun with natural oils
  • Scalp Massages with growth stimulating oils
  • Refraining from using direct heat
  • Infusing our hair with moisture
  • Drinking 64 ounces of water per day
  • Taking a multivitamin and/or hair vitamin daily

Traycee and I have partnered with some of our favorite brands to do tutorials, posts and giveaways throughout the summer to keep us motivated to stay on course.

Our #HealthyHair4Summer sponsors are:

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Our challenge unofficially begins today (the first day of summer) but you can join us at any time by following Longing 4 Length on any social media outlet.  This isn’t a strict challenge with a bunch of rules, we really just want to keep each other encouraged to take care of our hair over the coming months.  However, the sooner you join, the more eligible you will be to win our giveaways!  Check in by using our hashtag #HealthyHair4Summer on your social media of choice!  We will share our summer hair tips as well as what we are doing with our own hair each month and post a final progress picture in September to celebrate!

This is also an amazing opportunity for you to win some great prizes as a thank you for your support.  We will announce prizes and giveaways throughout the challenge on our various social media platforms, so the best way to stay informed is to subscribe to Longing 4 Length using your favorite blog reader (like BlogLovin) or by email.

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Hopefully you are still reading because one of the BEST prizes of all is CASH!  You must subscribe to L4L and Traycee’s YouTube channels to be eligible for one of two $500 cash cards, and YES the hair products and cashes prizes are open internationally!

Healthy Hair 4 Summer Giveaway


  • I am so excited about this giveaway and all the awesome prizes, I have definitely entered. The rules are so easy to follow and I am happy that it is open to international residents.


    • Thank you, we really wanted to make it simple and fun. It’s about sharing and giving back so I’m happy you are excited! Let’s grow!

  • I’m so in on this challenge. Even without prizes, the benefits to be reaped from staying committed are enough! I just had my first trim since cutting my hair last summer, and there’s no better way to go into this 2nd year of my natural hair journey than with a community sharing the goals of healthy hair care!

  • Kina Weldon

    This challenge will keep me going with my personal healthy hair challenge. I already do all of the above, except I deep condition weekly and I haven’t used any heat in almost 2 years this coming August! I also drink a gallon of water a day as well. Thank you for this challenge!

  • Mandy Pinet

    I love hair challenges, they help keep me on track! I have already reached my hair goal which is bra strap length so my goal now is to continue keep my hair as healthy as possible. I am already following most of the rules so this challenge will be a piece of cake!
    Happy hair growing ladies!!!

  • Edmond Leung

    Good Golly Miss Molly, omg, . Wow, prize $1000 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me. Prize perfect for my aunt’s big BDay GIFT.

  • Claudette

    Good evening I bee sharing your exciting event that I want to thank you for hosting. I just wanted to let you know the Pinterest share link …won’t permit to share ….no idea why..l….”,,thank you again

    • Oh, wow – thank you so much for letting me know I will definitely try to correct that. Thanks for joining the challenge!

      • Claudette

        Your very welcome… 🙂