#HealthyHair4Summer Conclusion + Hair Updates

#HealthyHair4Summer Conclusion + Hair Updates


If I included everything that has been happening with my hair, this update would be massively long!  Plus, I have yet to publicly announce the results of the #HealthyHair4Summer winners.  But, on the other hand I don’t want to leave a single thing out because I have a lot of things that have been working really well for my hair that I hope will also be useful for you!  So, I apologize in advance if this is too long, but am happy if you take something of use from it!

#HealthyHair4Summer Results

I was already following the majority of the rules for the challenge, but taking part did help me in a few major ways.  This is the first time since I began transitioning to natural hair that I went completely heat-free for an extended period of time.  And you know what?  I found that I really didn’t miss blow-drying my hair before styling!  Maybe it’s the added length, maybe it was the fact that during summer months, my hair dries super fast anyway, but I learned that I don’t have to blow dry my hair before styling.  Which I am sure really helped with my moisture and length retention.

My Straightened Natural Hair

Speaking of length, at the conclusion of the challenge….I got my hair professionally straightened!  I didn’t have it styled straight because the goal was to have it curled and allow it to gradually drop over the next few days.  Great idea, but the summer heat and a well played kickball game completely thwarted the plan and my hair fuzzed up nearly immediately. Therefore I don’t have any good length update photos.  I did however have about two inches trimmed and it was desperately needed.  My tangling has decreased exponentially since this trim!

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Other great personal results of the challenge was finding a hair vitamin that doesn’t cause my skin to freak out and break out terribly (Nouritress Plus) and dropping from low to practically no manipulation outside of wash days.  I also drank more water, but *le sigh* not as much as I should be drinking.  I will be continuing to use the Nouritress Vitamins and have a separate post coming about them.

Regimen Changes & New Product Faves

My hair regimen has changed ever so slightly.  I was given the new Creme of Nature products at Dollar General’s Day of Beauty where I was a featured blogger and social media correspondent.


I happened to grab these during a wash day and BAYYYYYBEEEE, they are friggin awesome!  And affordable!  So, I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner every week!  My new regimen and current products are as follows:

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I really enjoy the Kinky Tresses line

So, you may be thinking “Ebony, that’s the same regimen you’ve always had!”  I’ll admit it is pretty similar.  The major difference is step 2, instead of oil rinsing (which I still do occasionally) I use the Creme of Nature conditioner to detangle while in the shower and to instantly condition my hair.  I still deep condition with my new staple, TGIN using my Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap afterwards, but I don’t do a pre-poo or oil rinse every week as I used to.  My hair seems to be thriving and I only really manipulate my hair while under running water to wash and detangle. I keep my hair in four sections throughout my entire wash day and after detangling don’t find a need to use the Felicia Leatherwood brush anymore until the following wash day.

Styling Tips:

As always I use the LOC method to style my hair each week.  My current favorites are working so well, its like they were formulated to work in conjunction!  I use my fingers to part and twist my hair while completely wet and allow them to air dry. I don’t worry about stretching to show length, but if I have someplace to go before my hair dries, I simply pull the twists back into a ponytail, remove one at the top and install my clip-in extensions from Kurly Klips.  These clips were life savers and then the following day (if I wanted to) I would remove the twists to rock my normal twist out and it naturally is stretched because of having my hair pulled into a ponytail.

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Wearing my Kurly Klips clip in extensions

Heat Damage & Salon Visits:

My hair has heat damage!!! Can you believe it?!  I was shocked!  I will have multiple posts coming on this experience, what I did wrong especially and the fact that I took my 4c hair for granted, thinking heat damage only affected those with looser curl patterns or who chronically use heat.  I also found a local salon I absolutely love and I’ll be sharing a lot more about why I decided to start going to the shop again.  I’m only going once per month, but it is an amazing salon that has super healthy hair practices; I’m talking steam treatments and Bee Mine and Jane Carter Solution products on hand.  It feels like it was designed just for me!  More on both topics later…and I’ll have a much better look at my heat damage, but here is one pic I was able to snap for you.

heat damage, heat damage on type 4 hair, heat damaged natural hair
Random areas of my hair just don’t kink back! More pics coming…

#HealthyHair4Summer Winners

If you’ve read through all of my hair updates to make it down this far in the post, you are the real MVP!  Traycee and I really enjoyed hosting the challenge and will do it again soon – we’ve learned from the first one and hopefully the next will be bigger and better!  I want to make sure the next challenge is planned even better so that I can stay engaged with all the participants.  Life got really busy for me mid-to-end summer so I wasn’t able to keep up the way I intended.  All the winners of the challenge have been notified, but for those who want to know who won – check here.