#HealthyHair4Summer Winners

#HealthyHair4Summer Winners


I sincerely apologize for being so late with my announcement of the winners for the #HealthyHair4Summer challenge!  Thank you to all who participated AND congratulations not only to the winners but those who retained amazing length!  I will be posting some of my personal favorites and I’m also collabing with Traycee on how to make the next challenge even better and a stronger sense of community and support!  Without further adieu here are the winners…

7Kinky Tresses

Kinky Tresses is a black owned hair line that I am ecstatic was a sponsor of the challenge. Had they not been, I probably would have never tried the products and missed out on my two absolute favorites from the line:  Nourishing Hair Oil and Avocado Infusion Leave-In conditioner.  The oil is so great, I used it to seal as I’m styling my hair using the LOC Method and again when I’m separating my twists because it gives frizz free definition without being too heavy.  The leave in is creamy and heavy enough to use only once per week and keep my hair moisturized between wash days, plus since it contains natural ingredients, there is no build up or flakiness.  Love them!

6Kurly Klips

I don’t know how I survived so long without clip in extensions!!!  These have been my emergency go-to style, especially if my twists aren’t dry yet.  I just pull them into a low ponytail and clip the extensions on top and not only do they blend in with my hair super well, but they add super glamour.  Love them!!!

5Nouritress Plus Hair Vitamins

I’ll admit, I didn’t start taking my Nouritress hair vitamins faithfully until now. Why? Because every time I have tried to take hair vitamins in the past, my already acne prone skin breaks out extremely badly.  So when I received my vitamins, I started light – just one dose a couple of times per day.  Then I upped it to every other day, moving on to once per day and now I’m finally taking them as instructed – twice per day.  No issues with my skin and my hair seems to be thriving!  I’m going to commit to taking these for six months to see what type of results I get!

4Q-Redew Handheld Steamer

This was not an item I thought I would fall in love with.  I hadn’t shown much interest in buying one because – quite honestly – I thought it was kinda gimmicky.  Traycee insisted on reaching out to the company because of how much she loves her Q-Redew steamer.  I am soooooooo glad I listened!  Up until I began using this steamer, I thought it was impossible to get my hair pulled into a smooth ponytail!  Even when wet, my hair seemed to have too much shrinkage to pull back or up.  It wasn’t until I used my Q-Redew that I was able to achieve the smooth look I wanted and boy oh boy did I rock this high bun and bang look for-everrrrrr this summer!

3Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil Food

I’ve been a fan of this product for years, using it regularly during wash day nearly every week.  The bottle I was sent this summer was probably my fourth from the company and I absolutely love how heavy the oil is but without clogging the pores of my scalp or being too heavy to pour because it is already diluted with grapeseed oil.  During the winter, this is a staple because it protects my hair so well during the cold months and from rougher winter fabrics.

2Thermal Hair Care – Hot Head

It is absolutely no secret that I use my Thermal Hair Care cap during each and every wash day, without fail!  Not only that but I use it on my family when I do their hair.  This summer, I put it in the microwave for my cousin and she was like “Oh is that the cap I’ve been seeing on Facebook?  Does it actually work?” I got so excited and I was like “OMG YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!!! I can’t live without it!”  My sister in law bought one for not only herself, but also my niece.  Listen….this is a necessity in my life.  If you don’t already have one, get one!

Once again, congratulations to the winners and I hope everyone will join us again for the next round!

  • Congrats to ALL the winners!
    It was a great challenge. I should say we are all winners having made a commitment to the health of our hair. I feel like a winner knowing that I came out of this with healthier, stronger, and LONGER hair!
    I’m looking out for the next challenge!