BBB: Heat-Free Hair Movement – Natural Kinky, Curly Extensions

BBB: Heat-Free Hair Movement – Natural Kinky, Curly Extensions

Heat-Free Hair Movement

I came across this wonderfully innovative company, Heat-Free Hair Movement via Facebook.  Upon clicking through their photos, I was enamored with the beautiful kinky curly extensions they offer and furthermore appreciated what they stand for.  Many ladies are anti-weaves and extensions for various reasons, one of which was recently brought to my attention by several L4L readers.    Some Black women dislike the idea of wearing extensions that either are of another ethnicity or mimic textures that “we” don’t naturally have.  While this isn’t exactly my sentiment, it is a valid objection and Heat-Free Hair Movement is here to fill that void.

Heat-Free Hair Movement

Like all of our Building Black Business features, Heat-Free Hair Movement is black owned.  It’s owner, Ngozi Opara, is a hair care professional with nearly ten years of experience in the industry.  I love that Ms. Opara is an advocate of using weaves as a styling option, but places priority on keeping the hair beneath the weave as healthy as possible.  The entire purpose of Heat-Free Hair Movement is to alleviate the need for naturals to have to straighten the hair left out to blend naturally with the extensions, which can cause damage and even breakage.  According to the website:

The Heat-Free Hair Movement is a protective style initiative created for naturals by naturals that features 100% virgin human hair lines exclusively created for natural hair textures.  Ngozi says she is dedicated to encouraging natural women who use weaves as a protective styling choice to go Heat-Free!

I reached out to Ngozi to have a few questions answered, check out our Q & A below.

What was the motivation behind starting your company?

Ngozi:  The Heat-Free Hair Movement was really inspired by my clients.  Every day I have women come in and out of my hair studio for weaves and extensions and about 80& are natural.  They see the benefits of having a weave in terms of protecting their hair but then they also want it to look natural so they ask for a natural part with some of their hair out.  Once they leave, they look great but it is the upkeep of having to straighten your hair time and time again to blend with the installed hair that bothered me.  Eventually I would have clients that had growth their hair down their backs by weaving it up but had severe heat-damage to the area that was left out.  At my studio we are about hair health before hair style, so I felt something needed to be done for the women who enjoy the versatility of weaves as a protective style without damaging their hair.

Is your hair steam processed to achieve the texture or completely virgin?

I don’t have a direct answer but according to the information found on the website, Heat-Free Hair Movement hair extensions are 100% virgin.

Since the hair is so voluminous, how many ounces (bundles) would you recommend for a full sew in?

Ngozi: In general you only need two bundles for a full weave because our bundles are full (4 oz).

heat-free hair movement

Although your primary target is natural women, as a relaxed girl, I would love the option to wear your extensions to enjoy a refreshing style change, similar to naturals straightening their hair for versatility.  What tips would you have for relaxed women who desire to wear your product?

Ngozi:  Heat-Free isn’t just for natural women, but the hair is exclusively for natural textures – meaning anyone can go heat-free but the textures will always be natural.  I often encourage my relaxed clients to try some of the collections just to switch up their look or get a feel for what they would look like natural.  For a relaxed girl who knows nothing about natural hair, I would say heat-free is an awesome way to learn about natural hair without being natural.  It manipulates the same way our natural hair does and can be great for transitioning as well.

Do you install weaves yourself?  If so, how can readers reach you?

Ngozi:  If you are interested in getting your hair done by me, you can visit my studio’s website at  I am located in Washington, DC but will eventually tour to different cities to do hair as well.

I am completely sold and may do just as Ngozi suggested and try their product just for a style switch up so I can rock the huge twist out styles I am so envious of on you gorgeous naturalistas!  More information is available on the Heat-Free Hair Movement website, the extensions begin at $139.  You can also ‘like’ Heat-Free Hair Movement on Facebook to stay abreast of the latest news and specials.

  • BeautifulMe

    That is an interesting product, and it makes a lot sense too. I would totally try it! Great post as always.

  • ebere

    She’s black,she’s nigerian,she’s igbo….#i’m sold#(feeling so proud of my lineage right now)

    • Interesting, how could you tell she is Igbo? Just curious if the name alone tells you a person is Igbo versus Yroba, etc…

      • Dee

        Yes certain names will tell a tribe since our languages are different

  • Thanks for featuring Ngozi and her hair line. It’s SO hard to find good stylists in this area (yes, I know some of you are surprised!) so I’m definitely gonna look into this 🙂

    • You are more than welcome! Hope she hooks you up fabulously! Reniece (famed hair board stylist) is also in the DMV.

      • I know! It can take months (even years I’ve heard) to get an appointment with Reniece. Ebony, you should consider moving to the area. I’d pay you to do my hair 🙂

  • NaturalArt71

    I was extremely excited about this hair, initially…..Last month I purchased 2 bundles of their For Kurls (a week apart). One bundle was 3B-4C & the other bundle was 3C-4A (per order slip). I was confused because not only were the textures different, but website said the Kurls collection is ‘made to blend with 3C-4A natural hair’…ok, where did the 3B-4C come from? The website does not allow for you to choose between 3b-4C or the 3C-4A For Kurls. I guess you’ll get whatever they have but they should allow that option because the bundles are completely different. I am upset because I’ve sent 7 emails (with pics & a copy of my receipt) asking if maybe I was shipped a For Kinks by mistake, but no one will respond to my emails. I even tried to reach out on Instagram only to have my comment deleted & and my IG account blocked from contacting their page. As you know this hair is not cheap. And after spending $340, I am furious at the way I’ve been treated. With no phone number to make contact, customers are left leaving multiple email messages only to receive an automated generated email in return. AND if you want to return. it must be done within 7 day of receipt…which means nothing if no ones personally responding to customer emails. I am leaving for a trip this weekend so I went on and installed the hair. During the installation, I had cut the tracks & add a few tracks of the one bundle & then add tracks of the other bundle just to blend the different textures. LIVID because I normally don’t cut the tracks!! With the different textures & the down right disrespectful customer service, its so hard for me to enjoy this hair or have anything good to say about the company or her product. I am so sorry for writing a book, but I feel it necessary to tell my story and I plan to do so every chance I get. Buyers beware!!
    Happy hair growing!!
    Instagrams: NaturalArt71

    • Thank you for leaving this honest and thorough review of the company, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. Hopefully this will help them improve on their policy and customer service!

  • afrobelle

    @2bf801f6c1e4b6873f136e3bf1df74b8:disqus i completely agree with you there are drug dealers with better customer service than this company.I still haven’t received a shipping notification after purchasing my hair on the 25th of April.i have a feeling that they take the money first and then order from their vendor.I wish i had gone to kinky kurly yaki .Their hair seems to be about the same and they have good reviews when it comes to customer service. I also find it really frustrating that people will take your money so quickly but will refuse to give you any answers. If you can’t handle customer queries etc don’t have a business period !

    • Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience! I appreciate the idea behind their company but you are right customer service is everything. Hopefully feedback like yours will help them to improve.

  • Jenni Lee

    i’ve had the worst experience with this hair. 10 days after installation the hair is literally dreading up on itself. I’ve followed their instructions, including wetting it every morning. Last night, after finally getting it back to looking normal, this morning i wet it and it’s a disaster. i also have the same problems as other comments, not getting a response from the company at all. ONYC is much better hair.

    • Wow, I actually did think that this hair was a lot of work, after all it is mimicking naturally textured hair. Did you twist or braid it at night? (I know you mentioned you followed their instructions). Perhaps you can try reaching the owner at her salon?

    • 450_Dollars_Down_The_Drain

      I am having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM – less than 2 weeks in!!!! I had my hair professionally washed by the stylist who installed the hair. This hair got SO UNBELIEVABLY MATTED that I had tons of dreadlocks at the weft after the wash. I definitely did not have any matting before when I co-washed it at home, and I cared for it carefully – so no customer error here. OH… and it sheds like CRAZY.

      I sent a friendly email explaining the issue; then a follow up – no response. Now, for some reason I can’t even send a direct message to them on Facebook or post to their page. They’ve either blocked everyone for fear of complaints – or just me because I sent them an email about the problems I was having.

      I’ll definitely be checking out ONYC and some other alternatives. Heat Free Hair is way too expensive for me to go through this issue again and based on their poor customer care – they do not deserve another $450+ of my money.

  • bastylefilegirl

    Let me start off by saying this, I was NOT pleased with the amount of time it took for processing 7-10 business days (that’s what it was in April), and it ended up taking longer than that. Then I did not get a confirmation of shipping ( which was apparently and issue with the system they use for postage), and when I emailed to inquire I never got a response, my hair ended up arriving almost 25 days after purchasing. However when I finally got the hair (12 inch for Kinks) I was very pleased and have not had any issues with it in the week since it has been installed. My only displeasure with the actual hair is there are FARRRRRR too many grey hairs in it and that should be stated on the website because as someone with NO grey hairs why would I want to put grey hairs in? This hair is NOT for the light at heart, in my opinion while this hair could be installed for anyone, you should have some experience with natural hair, because that’s exactly what makes it look the best and makes maintenance simple. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture, and twist EVERY NIGHT! I did a youtube Vlog when I first got the hair, and after I wash it this weekend I plan on doing another post.

  • nma

    I would love to patronize “our” businesses, but reviews like this explains the business mentality of the naive. Just when I was considering purchasing the hair, to read reviews of their customer service deters me from having to do so, Thank God. If you don’t have time to provide feedback to the consumers who are helping you and your company financially , you shouldn’t bother producing a business based on false/ delayed services.

  • Talicia Jackson

    It seems that those that have negative experiences are ignored and or silenced by the company which worries me. How every I purchased the for kinks line recently and received an email to confirm my purchase and then another 3 giving me a tracking number. I checked it and it’s actually active. .. I say that bc in the past I got duped and the tracking was an issue. Its supposed to be here on the 22nd and I originally ordered on the 16th. Turn around time is good for me so far. I just pray the hair quality is as good as I hope.

  • Jenni Lee

    I’m the Jenni Lee who posted six months ago. The most important thing to note in this article is that for
    some reason there is no direct answer to the question “Is your hair steam processed to achieve the texture or completely
    virgin?”. I’ve had four bundles from the company – 2 sent as a replacement
    for the first two, and they all behaved the same way at the first wash –
    irreversible matting. After not hearing from them I finally got replacement bundles in July. The hair cannot take water, which is
    characteristic of non-cuticle hair, despite the fact that the website says it
    is cuticle intact hair. My hairdresser suggested it
    might not be human, so I did a burn test, and while I’m no scientist, the hair
    did not react to flame in the way that several websites say human hair will do. I’m out the cost of two
    installs – the first one lasted 10 days, the other one 7, and when I asked for
    help in salvaging the hair and/or money
    back, I heard nothing.

    • Jenni Lee

      I need to make a correction, they responded – email only, no phones apparently, when i asked for help with the hair and reiumbursement, but they were evasive and then stopped replying to my emails. i told them, if there’s one person that wants this hair to work out, it’s me!

  • B Richards

    I see so many negative comments about this hair and I am glad I did not see these before purchasing the hair. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY FOR KINKS COLLECTION HAIR! I have not had any issues and I have had my hair installed for a month. You cannot be lazy with this hair. If you are not used to kinky hair do not get it and believe you will have an easy time.

  • Miss B.e

    I LOVE this hair! I got the ForKinks, also experienced shipping problems and unanswered emails, but once I got it I loved it. The first week I experienced meshing of the hair, so I jut made the tracks bigger to avoid tangling. I got this hair over a year and a half ago & I still rock it – of course it has broken and shed and shrunk over time, but I take responsibility as I did not care for it as much as I do my own hair. I now use it for my puff when I Afro puff with my own hair. It is pricey (& I pay in South African Rands! Plus customs!) but I wouldn’t think twice before buying this hair again!

  • rissa

    I lost almost 400$ because this company didn’t respond to my email. I emailed them because ups sent my hair back to them as I was not home to receive it and they aren’t replying. I am so pissed. Horrible customer service.