Helping Your Teen Go Natural

Helping Your Teen Go Natural

helping your teen go natural

When you decide to go natural, we all know how much of challenge it can be. Whether you decide to transition or to big chop for most it can be a life altering decision. Imagine that accompanied with the overwhelming peer pressure to “fit in” and the natural awkwardness we all experience as a teen. So as a parent it’s important that we support their decision and help in any way possible. Although my household is exploding with testosterone, I do have some personal experience in this area and I have even advised a few teens (and parents) who have decided to go natural. So how can you help your teen go natural?

helping your teen go natural

Don’t Force It

As a parent we all want what we think is best for children. Now as a naturalista myself, if I had a daughter it would definitely be my desire for her to be natural too. In fact, my oldest niece is relaxed and I would love to see and help her transition but it’s not my decision to make. I think the most important thing to do when helping your teen go natural is to make sure that they are confident in their decision to make the change and not forced into it. The task of having to learn and master styling your natural hair can be challenging. Let alone having to do it when you didn’t make the decision in the first place. So be considerate of their ability to determine what makes them feel most comfortable. And remember healthy hair is the most important thing to enforce above all else.

Resources and Info

Another way to help your teen go natural is to provide them with the resources needed to do so. Teens are always on the computer and the internet is filled with helpful sites, blogs and YT videos. Any naturalistia can tell you that the place to begin is on the internet, there are tons of resources, tips and tutorials that can help your teen while going natural. Also look for local and national natural hair events, one of my favs is The World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta. They are usually affordable fun events where you can do some mother-daughter bonding, score free product samples and gain a wealth of natural hair knowledge.

Support and Support Some More

Whether you’re natural or not, supporting your daughter’s decision to go natural is so important. If she decides to transition or big chop she’ll have bad hair days, awkward hair days and “I want some creamy crack” hair days…she might even get picked on or joked on by her peers (heck, I did and I’m an adult). Remind her that she’s beautiful no matter what her looks like or what people say. Remind her of the decision she made and that it really does get better as time goes on…trust me I know.

Making the decision to go natural as a teen has so many challenges. But it can be a smooth simple transition (or big chop) with the help of supportive parents.

Do you have teen who’s thinking about going natural? What are your tips for helping a teen go natural? What advice would you share with her parents?