HerGiven Hair Review | Natural 4c Hair Extensions

HerGiven Hair Review | Natural 4c Hair Extensions


Happy (very late) New Year!!!  I have a few things I want to update you about my life but FIRST (post coming soon) let’s talk with you about how I’ve been wearing my hair for the past couple of months!!!  I’m totally focused on retaining as much length as possible since my “not so big chop” back in September and for me, the best way to do that is with protective styling.  Some people wear buns, some do braids or twists but I am particularly partial to sew-in weaves.  I became curious about kinky hair to match my 4c natural hair after seeing several style posts from Saving Our Strands using clip in extensions.  Luckily around that time, HerGiven Hair contacted me to do a review of their natural 4c hair extensions which I was more than happy to do!

HerGiven Hair Review - 4b-c Kinky Hair Extensions

How the Hair Arrives: I received two bundles of wefted 4c kinky hair extensions from HerGiven Hair, both 16 inches.  I also received a lace closure, but decided not to install it to have a better test of how well the extensions blend with my natural hair.  A few things I noticed right after opening my package are that the hair initially appears much shorter than the requested length, exhibiting shrinkage JUST like my real hair!  Once I stretched the length, I could tell it was a full 16 inches.  Secondly, the closure does actually match the texture of the extensions, which usually does not happen with kinky hair.  Thirdly, the hair appears to grow the more you “play” with it so it is best not to manipulate it too much before sewing it into your hair to make it more manageable to work with.

My Experience: I have decided not to share hair reviews unless 1) I have worked with the company before or 2) have worn the hair for a sufficient amount of time to form a thorough review.  To that point, I have been wearing this hair as a sew in for approximately ten weeks and I absolutely, positively have enjoyed EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!!!  The hair matches my 4c hair texture perfectly, but my only complaint is the color which is a weird dark brown instead of being a consistent 1b off black color.  The hair does not shed throughout the day or at night, only when combing to retwist, wash or during styling, and it does shed quite a bit at that time due to the tighter texture, not the quality of the wefts.  Two bundles are definitely enough to do a partial sew in (leaving a bit of hair out).  I would actually purchase this hair with my own money – although this hair was sent to me by HerGiven hair to review.  I think it is well worth the money for naturals to wear a protective style that does not require heat AND also for relaxed girls who may want to rock the “natural” look without actually transitioning.

Her Given Hair Review - Blending with My Natural 4c Hair, 4c Hair Extensions, 4c clip in hair extensions, 4c natural hair extensions (1)
Left: Damp hair after twist out, Center: twist out pinned back, Right: Unmanipulated after installation

Blending:  I never had to do anything special to the hair I left out (edges and u shaped center area).  If I wear wearing the extensions in a twist out, I simply twisted my leave out.  If the hair was more in “fro” look, I just misted water on my real hair and it matched perfectly.  While styling the hair, I often had to feel for the wefts because I could not detect the distinction with my eye.  But the photos really speak for themselves, right?!

Her Given Hair Review 4c natural hair extensions, 4c natural hair clip ins, 4c natural hair extensions, natural hair extensions, big chop hair, kinky yaki curly hair, heat free hair (1)

Sleeping:  If I had a fresh twist out, I pineappled the hair and covered with a bonnet the same way I do my real hair.  If the twist out was old, I dampened lightly with water and put in about four jumbo twists to prevent tangling.  The hair does shrink, but not as much as my real hair so it was a bit easier to maintain the kinky 4c hair extensions than wearing my own hair out.

Maintenance:  The hair was extremely easy to maintain!  I only applied product when I was doing a fresh twist out and washing/conditioning was the same as washing any other sew in (see tutorial on how to wash weave).  I did make sure to run my hands down the length of the hair and not tangle the hair.  I can say that product buildup does make the hair appear more dull and not hold styles as much.  I washed the hair three times during the ten weeks I had it installed.  I only wore the hair in twist outs and flexirods (done in the wand curl motion).

Her Given Hair Review 4c natural hair extensions, 4c natural hair clip ins, 4c natural hair extensions, natural hair extensions, big chop hair, kinky yaki curly hair, heat free hair (2)

Final Thoughts:  Overall, wearing these 4c hair extensions helped me leave my hair alone while still being able to enjoy the same look as my REAL hair.  I didn’t play in them and do as many different styles as I intended, but I was so extremely pleased with their performance!  I realized this hair is just about my goal length (full bra strap) and it was nice to be able to experience this length as a preview to when my hair is 16 inches!  I really enjoyed HerGiven hair and am happy I had a chance to review it for you.

Info on HerGiven Hair:  As mentioned I wore two bundles of the 4b-c kinky hair in 16 inches.  This hair texture starts at $109 for 12″ per bundle.  HerGiven Hair also offers different textures ranging from curly, coily and kinky and each has wefted hair, clip ins and lace closures.

I hope you enjoyed this review!  I will have a video coming soon so you can get a better view of the hair.  If you have any questions, please drop it below!

  • Those extensions look great Ebony! I love all the styles you were able to get out of the hair! Great hair and post as usual! Can’t wait for your new videos!


  • Tonkabelle

    This is a really lovely review and the extensions do really look like 4c hair and blend so well with your own real hair. Looking forward to your life update later.


  • Mahogany Woods

    I ordered the kinky hair clip-ins, and I would not recommend HerGivenHair. The hair blends well; it has a stereotypical 4C texture and luster. Customer service is responsive. However, the hair sheds significantly. The true downside is tangling. I used the best products and conditioner in this hair, but it constantly tangles and mats. Plus, the texture feels rough, not soft. I only wear this hair occasionally, and every wear has been a Her Given Nightmare.

    • charian caudle

      I thought it was just me..in actuality this hair USED to be the BOMB. COM..I wore it 2 years straight (2014/2015 with NO..ZERO PROBLEMS..Then my guess is they changed manufacturers in 2016 and it became a mess..after my first wash my entire head was matted..hergivenhair replaced the hair but then it did the exact same thing..not even worth it…I wish they would go back to the good good or either stop being cheap..I WAS a repeat customer UNTIL Jan 2016