Hair of the Day: High Bun with A Side Swoop Bang

Hair of the Day: High Bun with A Side Swoop Bang

Longing 4 Length Hair of the Day

It’s been a while since I’ve done a hair of the day post and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation….Instagram!  I’ve taken to instagramming (Can I make ‘instagram’ a verb? Are the kids gonna tease me for my lack of social media knowledge?) my daily hairstyles.  Not even only cute ones…some of my hair photos are straight up bummy, but last Friday’s high bun hairstyle was so cute (yet simple) that while chillin in Books-A-Million I decided to snap a few real (read: non camera phone) pics for ya!  I do tend to upload more pics to my Instagram account these days, just as an FYI so follow me @EbonyCPrincess!  I do attempt to follow folks back, but I am kind’ve social media challenge so pardon if it takes me a while to get around to doing so!

Longing 4 Length High Bun Hairstyle

I loved this high bun, it was so easy to do but when your hair is healthy, most styles look great.  <– vain much?  Well, yes.  Yes I am.  I’ve worked hard for this hair of mine and although its not quite Rapunzel’s, I’m proud of it and I won’t apologize for it!  For a quick second last week, I was a bit bummed about still not being BSL, but I have to remind myself that I’ve cut so much since last year this time and just in February, I was barely APL.  So in my opinion 2012 has been a complete success as far as my healthy hair journey is concerned!

Longing 4 Length High Bun

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my bangs.  They are getting to the point that a decision needs to be made.  Grow them out or cut them again?  I love the versatility of LONG sweeping bangs.  In my mind bangs that are cut too far above the eyebrows are for third-graders.  However, longer bangs are more maintenance because they need to be cut more often.  What do you think I should do?

Also, the time is running out for you to vote for our next hair challenge!

  • Beauty Embodied

    I think you should keep them, they frame the face quite nicely UNLESS you want your bangs to catch up with the rest of your hair then i say keep it.

  • Sunshyne

    I love this style on you!! I say you keep it that length. It’s more versatile too. What did you use to create the curl at the end of the bang? Off to go check your Instagram post (I’m @hairlicious) 🙂

    • Thanks girlie! I am leaning towards that too! I used a jumbo flexirod for this one but for just a “bend” with no curl I use a magnetic roller overnight. I’m already following ya! Thank you kindly for following me back!

  • Jazzy

    I also have bangs your length. Right now I’m leaning toward not cutting them. I like yours as this length as well.

    • Thanks! What is your blog? I feel like….you have one but I may not be following?

      • Jazzy

        I don’t have a blog. I have been toying with the idea but have not fully committed. Kinda nervous about putting it all out there….ya know?

  • Kiss_Traycee

    Your really making me want to grow out my Stop that


    Leave the bang brush it all up in a pony tail bangs are 4 little girls my opinion.