High End Hair Tools, Low End Prices

High End Hair Tools, Low End Prices

One thing I am extremely conscious of is the differences in everyone’s budget and priorities when it comes to spending on hair care. I do enjoy splurging on my hair, but just like most of you, that only happens when I plan, save and budget for it. I am not at the point in life that I can drop a bundle on a whim, no matter how much I want it or how worth it I think it is. The great thing about healthy hair is that it does not have to be expensive – so that being said let’s get into my recommendations for high end hair tools you can have for low end prices!
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Hooded Dryer:  I’ve raved about my professional standing dryer til I (almost) can’t rave anymore!  It dries my hair so quickly and I can sit comfortably beneath it, but spending $100+ may not work for you or perhaps you do not have the room to store a hooded dryer.  I also have considered that maybe you don’t even want such an obtuse piece of equipment because you don’t plan on rollersetting your hair often.  For you, Pebco makes a tabletop version for only $56 with free shipping.  I purchased this dryer for my mother and have used it a few times and was super impressed.  The dome is larger than most home hooded dryers and the circulation and strength of the air is far superior.  I highly recommend it.
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Titanium Flat Iron:  I was sent the Hana Professional 1.5″ Flat Iron to review and while I sincerely loveeee it, I’m not sure that I would’ve been too keen on spending the money for it had it not been gifted. Not because it isn’t worth it but because I don’t use direct heat very often.  Well, Andis now makes a titanium flat iron for only $56!  Another one that looks promising is the Chromatique Titanium Professional flat iron, which is sold with a flat ironing comb and protective heat mat for $49.99 and is dual voltage (110, 220v),  If you are curious about the difference between titanium and ceramic, check out my Understanding Flat Irons guide.  After learning the distinction between the two and having upgraded from a high end ceramic to titanium flat iron, I can confidently say I think titanium produces better results with less passes of the iron, which ultimately means healthier hair.  If you do decide to get the HANA (which again, I do love) make sure you do a search for Misikko coupon codes, my friend Carmelita found a code for $35 off hers!
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Hair Steamer:  Again I was sent the Huetiful Hair Steamer to review, and I was sincerely grateful.  I never imagined I’d notice such a difference between steaming to deep condition and using my hooded dryer and electric heating cap.  But I did!  I’m not just sipping on the ‘steaming is amazing’ kool-aid, honey I’m gulping!  Steaming IS amazing! lol.  And you can purchase a similar table top steamer for $68.99 or a full standing version, with a completely adjustable hood and stand for $69.99.  #winning!
Curlformers:  I was never able to master these – but people like MrsDJRass and LaQT make it look easy with amazing results.  I quickly threw in the towel and returned my set because after two failed attempts, I thought…lemme go get my $70 back!  Now you can purchase “generic” curlformers for $15!!!  I may just go for it again!
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Curling Wand:  I see all the reviews for the sponsored ones on YouTube and blogs.  And to be real, the irons do look nice!  But again, as someone who just does not use direct heat often and curling irons even less, spending a bit on these items seems a bit excessive.  But after purchasing the Plugged In Clampless Curling Wand from Sally’s for about $30, I realize what the whoopla is.  Whenever I use a curling iron I always end up with a few dents in my hair from the clamp.  However, I got such perfect spirals with the curling wand that I vowed never to use a traditional curling iron again!  I have great news to report – you can purchase a Remington Pearl Ceramic Digital Curling Wand for only $21.24! If you are a person who wears weaves on the regular (cause you know I still ain’t putting a lot of heat on my hair) maybe you want to even upgrade to a curling wand that has interchangeable barrels of differing sizes to achieve different looks, from waves to tight curls.  The HSI Professional Curling Iron set comes with four barrels, a heat glove and even is dual voltage for my overseas readers.
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Steam Rollers:  This is one of my favorite purchases.  Every single time I have somewhere to be and I start thinking “What am I gonna do with my hair?” I thank goodness for my Caruso Steam Rollers.  I bought mine for about $40 from Sally’s but now I see it available for $29 on Amazon! Plus there is also brand called Pro Beauty Tools which uses ionic steam – an upgrade from my Caruso’s for only $24.26…I feel duped!  In any event – unlike the flat iron and curling wand, these I do use often and don’t feel guilty about it either!  I have a few tutorials for some of the looks I’ve created with my carusos:
Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!  Next round, I plan to do weaves.  Admittedly I’m kind of a weave snob.  I have turned my nose up at BSS brands after years of inferior quality and once I upgraded to true premium luxury brands, I never looked back.  But I do believe that the recent popularity of YouTube and access directly to Chinese vendors has forced major retailers to step their game up.  So, for you I plan to stop turning up my nose, come down off my imaginary weave pedestal and try some of the less expensive brands to see if they truly can compare.  LOL! I made it sound like such a hardship, didn’t I?!  Just kidding! 😉 But, since I don’t wear weave non-stop, it will probably take a minute for me to do a true roundup, but hopefully you will find it helpful when I do post it.
  • Ahh, I love a good bargain! Thanks for rounding up these products! *attempts to curb PJish tendencies*

  • Thank you for this! I am trying to tighten my reins in the ole budget!

  • Great post! I’ll def be looking into a new table top dryer soon, thanks for the information!

  • love this post!

  • Any ideas on a good heating cap for deep conditioning? I am also interested in purchasing a quality flat iron so thanks for the timely info.

  • Stephers

    WOW! Great Post — thanks a bunch!
    I live in the Caribbean, so it isn’t exactly easy to find these products here, and ordering is not such a great option.

    But I’m definitely eyeing those steam rollers you recommended, and the next time I travel, they are mine! LOL

  • Enigma

    Thanx for the post!! Has anyone tried the Combo Hair Steamer linked in the article?

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