HOTD: Braided Chignon Tutorial

HOTD: Braided Chignon Tutorial


braided chignon tutorial

I’ve always loved those huge braided chignon hairstyles worn by celebrities to red carpet events and brides and other dressed up women; In my opinion it is one of the most classic and elegant hairstyles ever!  However the larger version does not seem appropriate for everyday so I did a more casual version and I really love the way it turned out!


I actually wrapped a hair extension around my ponytail (about 1/4 of a weft…not much) to add more length so the braid would be more bulk.  If you have shorter hair, you can do the same or use a smaller donut.  I actually plan do do a giant one for the next wedding I have to attend, I just love this hairstyle!  Plus, this braided chignon (does anyone know how to actually pronounce chignon?  In my  head its shig-oh with a snobby French accent) is a protective style so its a win-win situation all the way around!

braided chignon hairstyle how to

  • Wanda

    I will be doing this style for the entire next week as my touch up is due on the 1st June.