HOTD – Inspired by Hair de la Creme

HOTD – Inspired by Hair de la Creme

Tommie, of Hair De La Creme blog posted a video last week showing how she does a cute updo without using direct heat.  The key to the style is having an extreme side part – which I would never do without using her look as inspiration!  Check out her original video below:
Tommie used flexirods to achieve her style but I opted for bantu knots – which I have been LOVING lately.  I loved the finished product and the curls lasted for about 4 days before I had to re-knot.  I intended to do a video (and actually did film my process) but I looked crazy so I doubt that will make it into the editing bay, let alone out of it! lol.  Anyway here are the results – pardon my half finished face.
I just used Bee Mine Curly Butter to moisturize and set my knots.  LOVEEEEE that stuff!
Thanks for the inspiration Tommie!  I’m going to do it again on freshly relaxed hair and post those results. My sides and back should be neater then.
  • pretty!

  • aly

    this is so pretty! I need to try this, I’m so tired of my daily bun!

  • Lovely! I’m trying to get some inspiration just in case I have to ps next week, whilst tackling 18 wks post new growth!!

  • work it!!!!! Love the new look to the site

  • This is a cute look…I wanna do bantu but I think my hair is too short!

  • you are officially the queen of bantu knots