How Much Hair Do You Need for a Full Sew In Weave?

How Much Hair Do You Need for a Full Sew In Weave?


how much hair do you need for a full sew inThe two most common questions I receive from not only readers regarding weaves, but also my “offline” friends and family are:  How much hair do you need for a full sew in weave? And why do people say you need more hair when installing longer lengths?  If you check the latest video from your favorite weavenista vlogger, chances are, they have at least 3 bundles or more of hair installed…making it confusing for weave newbies to predict ow much hair they should purchase.

Most times, those ladies desire extremely full looking installations and also are wearing very long lengths of 20+ inches making it necessary to use more than two bundles of hair.  For most women who want an “everyday” natural looking weave two bundles or packs of hair is more than enough, generally a full sew in weave with a small amount (or even no) hair left out 7-8 ounces is enough.  However if you want a very full and glamorous looking weave, you may want to purchase an additional bundle of hair – especially for longer lengths of 18-20″ or more.  Below I demonstrate WHY longer hair require extra bundles:

So, as you see if you have the same amount of hair in terms of weight, there will be more (in terms of quantity) shorter hair than longer lengths which is why the wefts are shorter for bundles of longer hair.  Hopefully between my explanation and video demonstration, you feel comfortable knowing how much hair you need for a full sew in!

  • miko

    Is 50g. Of Hair enough

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    Let me introduce this shortly:
    Length from 8″-12″: 2 bundles
    Length from 14″-24″: 3 bundles
    Length from 26″-30″: 4 bundles
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