Add Volume to Hair & Avoid the Flat “Just Relaxed Look”!

Add Volume to Hair & Avoid the Flat “Just Relaxed Look”!

Add Volume to Hair

Add Volume to Hair

On one of my recent self relaxing videos someone asked how to add volume to hair that has just been relaxed which was such a coincidence because I recorded this video on that very day!  Throughout the time I’ve been sharing my hair journey, I’ve repeated my mantra about not too much caring for pin-straight hair, particularly on my head, and it is still true.  I may think it looks great the first day but after wrapping overnight, undoubtedly the next morning I will be dissatisfied with the look, no matter how long my hair is.  I prefer hair that has flow and movement, shape and shine, volume and body!  Flat, stick straight hair just doesn’t do it for me.  This is especially hair to achieve after you’ve just relaxed your hair and even for some naturals who may have flat ironed a few days ago and their hair has lost its umph! All you will need to create this look is a few magnetic rollers (whichever size best suits your hair), no additional heat required!

How to add volume to hair:

Hopefully you enjoyed my demonstration and found it helpful; this method works for me each and every time!  I apologize for the video being lengthier than my normal tutorials – I did quite a bit of rambling!

Add Volume to Hair

  • Sade Rose

    I usually do to my hair when its in a bun or ponytail to give it body. I’ll probably try that when i relax my hair because i dont think that will work at 20 weeks post.

  • I used to do that in the early days too… I love the fullness of your hair!

  • Ticka

    Great video! Your hair is too cute!! I wish I had seen this when I was relaxing because I hated a fresh relaxer.

  • Ghanaian Emprezz

    Am praying my internet problem gets resolved soon so I can watch all the videos I haven’t been able to for the past 3 weeks. I can’t do so with this pay as you go modem.

  • Jazzy

    I hate that flat, fresh relaxer look. I usually can’t wait til wash day.