Wash Day: How to Apply Amla & Brahmi Powders to Hair

Wash Day: How to Apply Amla & Brahmi Powders to Hair

how to apply amla and brahmi powders to hair

Again, this week I used my recently purchased Indian hair products.  I mixed amla and brahmi powders with coconut oil and water, which worked very well as my prepoo, shampooed with Giovanni Smooth as Silk and followed with a moisturizing deep conditioner, the Vatika Naturals Virgin Olive Deep Treatment.  I believe I have perfected how to apply amla and brahmi powders to my hair so I thought I’d share my “recipe” with everyone.

how to apply amla and brahmi powders to hair

Warming the water and oil first made a huge difference, it seemed much more effective at mixing the powders and it stayed warm while I was applying it to my hair.  I apply it in sections from root to tip with my fingers (I wear latex gloves) similar to how a relaxer is applied.  I covered my hair with two shower caps and allowed it to sit for about 90 minutes, then rinsed.  Again my hair felt strong and clean, but I still followed with a shampoo to help clear the powders from my hair.  It actually became a bit too clean (squeaky), so I do think amla and brahmi work to both condition and cleanse the hair but I prefer following with a shampoo.

how to apply amla and brahmi powders to hair

To restore moisture I deep conditioned with the Vatika Naturals, I could immediately feel my strands softening; I am really impressed with this product!  I sat with it on my hair for a few hours then rinsed.  I wrapped my wet hair using water and a few pumps of Jane Carter’s Wrap n’ Roll foaming lotion, sat under the dryer for 30 minutes then went to bed.  By the next morning my hair was dry (the efficiency of my Pebco dryer has a lot to do with being able to wet wrap).

how to apply amla and brahmi powder to hair

Overall, I do like the way my hair has responded to using both amla and brahmi powders.  I will continue to use them once per month in this same manner.  In between I will return to using Kerapro because as much as I love the Vatika Naturals conditioner, I think using it every single wash will cause moisture overload.  I noticed my hair was frizzier this week after my wet wrap, probably due to not using the JC foam as I wrapped and only applying it at the end.  But its such an easy way to dry my hair and to style I just made two jumbo twists and pinned for a high bun.

  • I know right?! Actually its pretty popular for naturals. I am gonna use up the rest of these powders then order the oil with the herbs already in it because I really hate the process of mixing hair products!!!

  • I am looking for stores that sell these powders. Any suggestions?

    • I found them locally at an Indian grocery store. Try doing a Yahoo yellow pages search for your region to see if you have any near you, they are much cheaper in person than ordering online.

  • Amija

    I have the amla powder and I love it. I mixed it in a color applicator bottle with grapeseed oil and use it for overnight prepoos. It sinks to the bottom so I have to shake it for 5 hours (it seems like) but it’s an awesome addition to my reg. I’d like to try more powders espcially henna and indigo but I’m too lazy for all that.

  • I love the results! Very pretty. I really want to try Amla powder

  • Professora Margarete

    I used it for the first time today, but as soon as it was applied to my hair it got “hard” and dried as mud… I haven´t rinsed it yet as I´m writing to you. I will wait for 30 minutes.

  • Ellie Sheva

    I have a few questions about Amla and Brahmi: 1. If you put these on white hair (grey hair), do you know what color or shade it comes out? 2. Do you think it is permanent like Henna. I don’t like with henna that if you want to go gray later, you have to cut out the part that has henna in it, plus you can’t color over it if it turns out a color you don’t like.