How to Blow Dry Transitioning Hair

How to Blow Dry Transitioning Hair


While relaxed, I was able to work with air dried and roller-set hair but since transitioning, I prefer styling stretched, semi-straightened hair.  I know it’s highly controversial to apply heat regularly, but I only wear my loose only every 2-3 months (between weave/wig installations) so I’m not using heat extremely frequently.  Although it is easier to style blow dried hair, the process itself can be fairly tedious!  I learned to work in sections throughout my entire wash day, which makes it much easier plus the KISS Handle-less Blow Dryer featured in this tutorial is positively AMAZING!!!!  I cannot tell you how much I love this thing, if you need a new blow dryer THIS is the one to get!

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You don’t realize how restricting the handle can be to your movements while blow drying until you don’t have one to get in the way!  I am able to reach my roots much more closely and less awkwardly.  The dryer KISS sent me to review is only 1875 watts but there is also one in 2200 watts.  My only complaints about this dryer are that the attachments don’t stay on very firmly (the comb came off at least five times) and its not as strong as I would like because my hair did take a while to dry.  Upgrading to the 2200 watt dryer should take care of that!

As for how to blow dry transitioning hair, the easiest method is to (again) work in sections and start in the middle of the hair to first smooth over the line of demarcation, then work upwards to the roots.  I demonstrate in the tutorial below and you can also see the dryer in action!

Thanks to everyone who left comments on Instagram about how much they loved this dryer!  Your feedback always helps not only me, but others who may be considering purchasing an item also.

  • You look great hun! I blow dried for the first time last week, it’s the best thing ever 🙂

    • Thanks! I would love to say I won’t be using heat that often, but when I think about it…I really don’t since I’m in protective styles most of the time. However I am lazy…I just like a good blown out texture to style! lol

      • It’s been two weeks and I am getting reversion so I’ll be washing and probably blow drying again this weekend. It has been so much easier styling my hair over the past two weeks.

  • Li

    Seems like a good blow drier. I am not too fond of comb attachments. I prefer a round brush.. My hair gets more smooth then. something like this