How to choose which Bee Mine Moisturizer is right for you

How to choose which Bee Mine Moisturizer is right for you


Another thing those that have been following my journey for a while know – I LOVE BEE MINE!!!  She (Tracy, the owner) has been in business for three years, and I have been a loyal customer for two.  Why do I love it so?  Let me count the ways…

  1. Customer service – amazing! 
  2. Black owned, Christian business – how could I not love that?! 
  3. All natural – yes even though I’m relaxed, I prefer natural based products.
  4. Sublime scents – I love the fruity, fragrant smell of the products
  5. Moisturizes my hair – more than ANY of the other products I’ve tried on my HHJ

As much as I love her line, being that I’m recovering PJ I have to admit I did stray a bit in the beginning and try a number of different moisturizers:  NTM Leave In, Herbal Essence LTR, Wave Nouveau Lotion and Spray, Hawaian Silky 14-in-1, S-Curl No Drip Activator, Cathy Howse Dew and Lotion, and many others.  Nothing could even compare to how my hair feels when I use the Bee Mine Moisturizers.  So….for many months now I’ve been perfectly content and refuse to even look at another moisturizer.

But Bee Mine has quite a few different moisturizers to offer so how do you know which is right for you, and which will be best for which style?  Let me give you my personal insight.

  • Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer:  thick cream that absorbs well into the hair, and although it seems heavy does not weigh my hair down.  It is the most moisturizing of all the products, it is my favorite, however it does contain some protein and at times is not exactly what my hair needs.  I use this when my ends feel dry and my hair feels thirsty.  It really works well for whatever style I am wearing and is my go-to moisturizer.
  • Deja’s Hair Milk:  very lightweight.  Works as a leave-in and daily moisturizer.  Protein-free.  I use this when I am wearing my hair down in a rollerwrap and I want it to have a lot of body and swang.  I also love it as my leave-in because it is so light and absorbs well into the hair.  Lastly, I opt for this when it seems my hair cannot tolerate any additional protein and use it as my daily moisturizer in place of the Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer.
  • Curly Butter:  I use this to smooth my edges, create buns and updos, and always for my braidouts.  It is moderately moisturizing and gives a light hold, but never leaves the hair hard, crunch or dry as a gel or setting lotion would.
  • Hair & Scalp Moisturizer:  this is an oil-based moisturizer.  It primarily is comprised of shea butter and oils.  It is great for sealing, and I also use it after doing a rollerwrap because it is oil based and moisturizes without causing any reversion (especially near the end of my stretch).  It also gives a really nice shine and unlike many of the serums and shine sprays, is natural and -cone free.
  • Daily Spritz:  I have to admit, when I tried this product (early 2010) my hair did not respond well.  I think it is because my hair failed at glycerin based moisturizers (the “juice” products) and I’m not sure my hair likes ayervedic products either.  It left my hair damp but not feeling moisturized.  My mother actually says she likes it and uses it when she is short on time and when she is wearing her hair cornrowed for wigs or weaves.

There you have my guide to the Bee Mine Moisturizers.  I always have them all in my possession which is why my regimen says which one I use is style dependent.  They each serve a different purpose, although they are all moisturizers.  I think they are all awesome products and give each (except the Daily Spritz, for me personally) a 5/5.  Below is a video I did on the same topic, the only advantage to the video is you get to see what each item looks like but it contains the same information.

Bee Mine products are available at:  
I am not an affiliate nor was I paid to give this review.  These are just my thoughts on these products.
  • Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer is my favourite also!!! 🙂

  • Thanks for this I plan to purchase some Bee Mine products shortly

  • I am purchasing them all! Okay, maybe that’s excessive but thanks!

  • Thanks for the review. I have really been looking into these products. I am currently in pj rehab, but this is definitely a product line that has peaked my interest.

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