How to Clean Your Hair Tools

How to Clean Your Hair Tools


Confession:  I am a messy person.  Truly.  Some people are neat by nature, others (like me) have to constantly work to stay organized and neat.  What’s weird is I’m obsessively organized with career related stuff, but at home there are times you can walk through my apartment and recreate my entire week based on what I’ve left out.  It’s actually pretty ridiculous and I’m actively working on it, but its a sad truth about myself.

how to clean your hair tools

My mother on the other hand, is a cleaning fanatic.  She actually enjoys cleaning up.  No she is not, nor has she ever been, a homemaker.  She just likes cleaning.  Weird right? And why didn’t I get that gene?!  From new cleaning supplies, to various techniques, its weird how much cleaning excites my mother.  This is sooooooo typical “us” – I’m always the ying to her yang!   Anyways, I say all of this to say despite her being the clean one and me being the messy one – my mother’s hair tools, combs and brushes are always dirty!  Downright filthy actually!   Whenever I go home, I can’t even use her combs without cleaning and sanitizing them thoroughly – which is the only time that task gets done.  I think its because in addition to not cleaning them regularly, she also relies on our stylist to do her hair which means her hair is washed once every two to two and a half weeks.  Over time, the build up continues to accumulate and therefore she’s left with dirty combs, brushes and curling irons.

This leads me to sharing with you how I actually clean my hair tools.  It’s simply and fairly quick; all I use are cotton swabs and a disinfectant spray.  Check out my quick tutorial:

  • Ha i needed to see this. You know I’m horrible at cleaning. The only thing I really freak out about cleaning is one of my brushes because I hate seeing and having hair all over the place in the bathroom. I need to clean my curling irons and things and I never know what to do with it. Great video!

  • This is totally necessary, that you for the reminder! Am terrible at disinfecting my hair hairs, will work it in my regimen!