How to Deep Condition and Wash Your Wigs

How to Deep Condition and Wash Your Wigs


No matter where you made your purchase, the first thing you should do upon arrival is wash your wig!  This serves  to clean the hair, remove the factory and/or chemical smell, allow for re-styling to best suit your face, and.  Most lace wigs are packaged in a square box (which is perfect for storage) so the hair and lace cap will have funky bends and folds in them.  Washing your wig will also get rid of those so the unit will lay perfectly flat against your head.  I choose to also deep condition my wigs before I begin wearing them, but it is not absolutely necessary.   I just like for the hair smell nice and fresh.  Once you initially wash your wig, you only have to do it on an as needed basis from this point on which depends on how often you wear it and the products you use on the hair.

How to Wash Your Wig in 10 Easy Steps - Longing 4 Length

In the video demonstration below I take you through each of the steps you should follow when you wash your wig: opening the package, co-washing, deep conditioning, placing your part and removing the extra lace:

How to Wash Your Wig in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1: Saturate wig in lukewarm water.
Step 2: Apply co-washing product (or shampoo) generously to hair.
Step 3: Wash hair by running fingers down the length of the hair repeatedly.  Do not rub or agitate the hair, this is not necessary and will only tangle the hair.  Rinse thoroughly and repeat.
Step 4: Apply conditioner to hair and again run fingers down hair to distribute product evenly.
Step 5: Place wig with conditioner on the hair in a plastic bag.
Step 6: Sit hair inside heated Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap or warm towel for approximately 15 minutes.
Step 7.  Rinse conditioner from wig.
Step 8.  Place wig on styrofoam wig head and while hair is still wet, decide where – if any – you would like to wear your part.  Use the end of a rattail comb to separate hair and create part.  Doing so while the hair is wet will “mold” the hair in the direction you would like the hair to lay.
Step 9.  Turn cap inside out and place on wig head.  Allow to dry overnight.  Turning the cap inside out removes the “cone” shape the wig cap has as a result of being folded in the package and allows it to lie flat against your head when wearing.
Step 10.  After unit is dry, cut away the excess lace.  Now your unit is ready to be worn!

Eva Wigs Review How to Wash Your Wig - Longing 4 Length

As mentioned, the unit shown in this video is from Eva Wigs.  It is a full lace wig with a glueless cap, the texture is silky (non-yaki) kinky curly, length is 16″ and it features baby hair around the entire perimeter.  The hair did NOT have a chemical odor as I have experienced in the past with certain vendors and was quite soft even before washing.  I’ll have more information on this particular unit as I wear it and give my full review.

Hopefully these steps were easy to follow and pretty self-explanatory.  As always if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments!

  • LaQT/ Ty

    Great tips, ECP. I am about to purchase my first bundles of hair so I suppose the instructions aren’t too different from these. Thanks for all of your insight. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • Don’t Touch The Hair

    Thanks for the tips! Will this process work for synthetic hair too?

    • YES!!! I wash my synthetic wigs the same way, except the deep conditioning process isn’t needed so I just co-wash. But turning them inside out to dry will definitely help get rid of that “hump” they have! Thanks for reading girlie!